Jocelyn Wildenstein Before and After

Jocelyn Wildenstein Before and After

Jocelyn Wildenstein Before and After Pictures

Jocelyn was born on the 5th of August 1940 in Lausanne Switzerland. She is a New York based socialite known for her extravagant lifestyle. Her telephone bill once hit a whole 60,000 dollars. Her father worked in a sporting goods store. She is an extremely controversial character who was engaged in the world of controversies at a very tender. At only 17, she was dating a movie producer from Switzerland and this was not the last of her dating 3escapades. She has been involved in other scandals that have made her a hot name in show biz. However, the socialite is not all about drama, she is a skilled hunter and pilot with assets worth millions of dollars which she acquired after divorcing her husband. In her post surgery pictures, she is unrecognizable owing to numerous cosmetic procedures. Rumor has it that she was extremely depressed after the divorce and sought to change her face to that one of a cat.


The Cat Woman 

The New York based socialite made the decision to turn her face to look like a cat’s earning the nick name the cat woman. It is claimed that the divorce was a painful process for her and the surgery was a form of escape from her pain. It surely is an odd choice of cosmetic enhancement. She transformed for the worst with her name being constantly used a weird plastic surgery example. Celebrities who have had their looks accentuated no longer have to deal with stigmatization since this science of beauty is no longer considered a taboo. However, when they go to the extreme in their relationship with cosmetic surgery, criticism and stigmatization become inevitable. As a socialite, she needs to look good all the time but her star started fading as soon as her botched face was all over the internet.

What Are Her Surgeries?

To have a human face transformed to a cat’s face is a complex procedure that relies on more than three surgeries. Allegedly, she has had a cheek implant, lip augmentation, eyelid surgery, Botox and facelift. As the requirement of a cat look, she had her eyelids operated on to assume the shape of a pear. This is characteristic of a cat. The cheek surgery was a cheek enhancement procedure aimed at making her cheeks full and plump. Botox and facelift procedures are bonus procedures aimed at reversing the aging process for the socialite. This is a common combination for people looking to accentuate cling unto their youthful looks. The procedures eliminate wrinkles and tighten the skin making one look extremely younger than her age. When you look at Jocelyn’s face, you will notice that despite the evidence of the botched jobs, her skin is soft and wrinkle free.

Surgery Results 

She has been described with all manner of negative adjectives. If you compare pictures of Jocelyn was also not pleased with the results of her surgery. It is either she heeded the advice of her critics to go for corrective surgeries or she was not pleased with the results of her surgery. Most critics are willing to bet on the latter as the reason behind her decision to reverse the adverse effect the initial procedures had on her face. Despite the fact that there is a huge possibility of her never getting her natural looks back, this is a decision worth a round of applause because the star will surely look better than what she looks like now. She will look more human and maybe her socialite career may benefit a great deal. She is a lesson to celebrities who get carried away with look accentuating procedures.