Young Mickey Rourke

Young Mickey Rourke

Young Mickey Rourke Pictures

He was born as Philip Andre Rourke Jr. on the 16th of September 1952 in Schenectady New York. He is a famous figure in the American showbiz industry who has kept his audience entertained with his boxing and acting skills. He is also a screen writer. Though a retired boxer now, he quit his acting career where he had earned himself plenty of leading roles in drama, action and thriller movies to become a boxer. He dedicated a large part of his young years to his boxing career but then quit to join the acting industry once again in 2005. His comeback was marked with great success and he was awarded the leading role in Sin City. With his talent and past experience, he acted in more movies which saw him get awards from the Chicago Film Critics Association, Online Film Critics Society and Globe awards. He even earned himself an academy award nomination. Clearly, young Mickey Rourke is a high profiled celebrity who warrants the media attention he is getting.

Young Mickey Rourke

Young Mickey Rourke Changing Faces 

Different pictures of the celebrity are trending in social media sites and you can see the difference in the shape of his face. Unfortunately, the retired boxer is not transforming positively. These changes are associated with both his boxing career and cosmetic surgery. Boxing is a controversial sport which has had many world countries raise an alarm over the safety of the participants. Boxers very often sustain body damage and have to stay for a long time in hospitals some of them never recover to their old selves. As a boxer, he sustained similar injuries during his career and his face lost its original appearance. Considering the fact that he was going back to acting, he needed to get his face fixed since the acting scene is no place for the ugly faces.

What He Has To Say? 

The 62 year old claims that boxing distorted his face but the wrong doctors made everything worse. He says that his broke his nose twice and had his cheekbone smashed. Obviously, these injuries distorted the respective facial features and he needed the services of a surgeon to have them fixed. As part of the requirement of his treatment, cartilage was extracted from his ear to fix his nose but everything did not go well. Unlike surgical procedures which seek to enhance certain boy features, his procedure was solely aimed at rebuilding his features to their original shapes and sizes. All he wants is to get his face back. Unfortunately, he is unable to do so due to his bad luck in choice of surgeons. He has not yet given up on his quest for a good surgeon and it is reported that he is engaging in more surgeries in the hope of mending both damages.

What Next For the Mickey Jnr? 

His reasons for engagement with cosmetic surgery are very sincere. Unlike celebrities who suffer for their own over indulgence, he is a victim of n unskilled surgeon. It is a pity that looks matter a lot in Hollywood and he has to abide by these standards if he wants to be the same successful actor he was before going into boxing. His decision to engage in more surgeries may seem as a great risk given that too many surgeries lead to a complete distortion of the face. Without getting the assurance that the chosen surgeons a profession, he should not go any his or her knife since he stands the risk of worsening his condition. His is a sad and unfortunate story and all you can wish for him is luck in his quest.