Joey Lawrence Hair

Joey Lawrence Hair

Joey Lawrence Hair – Before and After Pictures

He was born as Joseph “Joey” Lawrence Mignogna Juniouron the 20th of April in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania . He is an actor, singer and a television host. As a public personality, he is conscious of his looks. He has played many movie roles which have made him a memorable character. He is widely remembered for his role as Joey Donovan in the series Gimme a Break. His first role as a television personality was when he was five years old and was awarded a role in a TV commercial. The appearance conscious actor seems to have the same narcissistic instinct like the rest of Hollywood celebrities. Plastic surgery speculations have been following him. It has been rumored that he has joined the list of Hollywood celebrities who have benefited from cosmetic surgery. Allegedly, the star actor and television host has made an attempt to reverse the aging process. However, it is not his anti aging procedures that have brought about the buzz in social media sites but his hair surgery.

Joey Lawrence Hair

Joey Lawrence Hair Surgery

Hair surgery is not a very common type of surgery but lately, more celebrities are venturing into this quick fix solution to alopecia. Allegedly, Joey is one such celebrity who was forced to seek these services after he lost his hair due to unknown reason. According to professionals, the reason behind sudden hair loss is not yet clear but has been associated to a specific gene common among the male folk. As a young boy, the celebrity’s head was full of hair but this changed upon growing up. He began losing his hair bit by bit and within no time, he was rendered a permanent bald head. Dr. Alan Bauman confirms that the hair loss gene is predominant in men than in women but a few women suffer from this condition too.

Did Lawrence Have A Hair Surgery?

The world watched as Joey’s gradual hair loss slowly turned into a complete bald head for the actor. When he seemed to find a sudden solution to his problem and showed up with a head full of hair, the plastic surgery speculations were up in the air. Enough evidence indicates that the television host has used surgery. There are natural methods for reversing the process of hair loss; however his changes occurred all of a sudden suggesting that proper diet and special hair oil for alopecia are not behind the hair growth in his head. Looking at his after photos you will notice that his hair line has an unnatural appearance. The frontal peak looks plastic suggesting a shady procedure. His hair also looks fixed; the unnatural appearance is further emphasized by the straight lines in which the hair has been fixed. Natural hair does not follow a linear pattern but it appears wavy and in a random pattern.

What Are The Surgery Results?

As a television personality, Joey needs to work on his looks. His bald head did not look good on him and definitely, he had to find a remedy in order to save his image and career. While his choice of surgery was objective, his surgeon has been faulted for not doing a good job. The work was shadily done and the results were not impressing at all. The grafts of his hair appear perpendicular to his skin making the job an obvious surgery. Hair surgery is not so common a surgery among Hollywood celebrities but it is becoming popular by the day. Some celebrities have enjoyed the good side of this surgery but unfortunately Joey Lawrence hair is obviously a botched job. He is no longer a bald head but his solution has not done justice to his image.