Joyce Meyer Plastic Surgery

Joyce Meyer Plastic Surgery

Joyce Meyer Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

When musicians, socialites, and actresses undergo plastic surgery; it is highly understandable. In the cut-throat competitive industries where they operate, image is the highest-valued asset. In most cases their choice to go under the surgeon’s knife is not optional; it is mandatory as it is the only way they can survive in their careers. Joyce Meyer’s plastic surgery has caused uproar and has drawn condemnation from various corners. She is a renowned religious woman who has spent her entire life talking about holiness and salvation. The Bible teaches that human beings were fearfully and wonderfully created in the image of the creator. Her decision to undergo plastic surgery is said to be contrary to Biblical teachings. However, here at we do not throw stones; we just inform.

Reasons for Joyce Meyer Plastic Surgery

Joyce Meyer’s decision to undergo plastic surgery may be puzzling at first glance, but upon deeper examination it becomes clear why she opted to go under the knife. She was born on 4th June 1943. She will turn seventy-one this year. Whether she is religious or not, she is still human. Everyone aspires to look good. The anxiety caused by the aging process on someone’s appearance affects everyone. At the end of the day, Joyce Meyer is a televangelist. She graces numerous TV screens in the United States and across America. Image is everything. Television audiences favor good-looking people; they are repelled by old and unappealing people. Joyce Meyer’s age might have caused her to panic and feel insecure. The main aim of her plastic surgery was to make her look younger and appealing to television audiences.

Joyce Meyer Plastic Surgery

Joyce Meyer Plastic Surgery Rumors

Joyce Meyer has opted to keep mum about her plastic surgery rumors. In her sermons, she usually talks about her negative life experiences. It is very puzzling that she has opted to shun the plastic surgery issue instead of speaking about it. Her silence has not done her any justice. On the contrary, it has sparked the fire surrounding her plastic surgery rumors. It is rumored that she has had a facelift, a rhinoplasty, an eyebrow lift, and lip filler injections.

Joyce Meyer Plastic Surgery Lip Filler Injections

Unfortunately, Joyce Meyer’s lip injections did not turn out well. It seems that the injections were done improperly and excessively resulting in the paralysis of her lip muscles. The unprofessional procedure caused excessive development of scar tissue in her lip region resulting in sagging and swelling. As a result of the lip injections, her mouth offers her very little flexibility when speaking. Fortunately for her, she has the money. She can undergo a better quality procedure to repair the harm that has been caused by the injections.

Joyce Meyer Plastic Surgery Facelift

Joyce Meyer’s popularity soared after her facelift for negative reasons. It seems that she has bad luck with cosmetic procedures as her facelift turned out as badly as the lip filler injections. Her facial features changed drastically for the worse. She looks very different from the woman who motivated and inspired so many people using her self-acceptance philosophy and doctrine. Her face used to be natural and cute, but it now looks artificial, scarred and unappealing. It is so bad that media commentators have suggested that she should sue the plastic surgeon who did the procedures.

Joyce Meyer Plastic Surgery Rhinoplasty and Eyebrow Lift

It is obvious from her “before and after’ pictures that Joyce Meyer’s nose and eyebrows have undergone some changes just like the rest of her face. Her nose and eye brows appear to be more enhanced and refined than before.

There is no doubt that Joyce Meyer has undergone cosmetic procedures as her appearance has changed drastically. However, it is difficult to establish when she began undergoing them and the exact procedures that she has undergone. It is unfortunate that her plastic surgery did not go well. She can either accept herself as she is or she can undergo better professional procedures to reverse the damage.