Kenny Rogers Plastic Surgery

Kenny Rogers Plastic Surgery

Kenny Rogers Before and After Pictures

Without doubt, Kenny Rogers is a competent gambler in music and in life. He was born with the right voice for country music and a perfect face to match his great art and style. Rogers’ talent was like good wine as it seemed to get better with age. He has always been loved by the masses because of his easy going nature and a warm measured smile that spices up his music. However, this talented musician appeared to have underestimated the effects of his full-bearded face, narrow eyes, and graceful wrinkles on the success of his career. The tale of Kenny Rogers plastic surgery always begins with ambition and ends with regret. In his bid to reverse the weight of age on his eyes, Rogers asked some surgeon to carry out a delicate eye job with precision and tact. The results were never as precise.


Kenny Rogers’ Less than Graceful Results:

When Kenny Rogers left the surgical theater, he expected the world to welcome his new looks. If the world did not care about his new image, he hoped that his young wife would appreciate his determination to shed off some years in his hot pursuit youthfulness. Unfortunately, nearly everybody rejected the new appearance of his eyes. He looked so distant from the Kenny Rogers brand that millions of fans around the world had come to love and appreciate. In all estimation, the surgery was his low water mark. The problem was that the world had loved Kenny Rogers as an aged man. He was now asking legions of his fans to buy into the illusion of youthfulness without regard to the impact on his career and social standing. After the surgery, Kenny Rogers does not look exactly like the youthful image he sought, and neither does he look like the good-looking old man of country music.

Why Kenny Rogers Needs a Cosmetic Surgeon a Second Time:

Once or twice, Kenny Rogers has revealed to the world that he is considering going under the surgeon’s knife a second time to reclaim his old lovely face. If he makes good his promise, he would have entered the list of many celebrities who have sought to mend their looks more than once through cosmetic therapy. One can only hope that Rogers does not succumb to the style and philosophy of his fellow country music star, Dolly Patton. In a past interview, Patton insisted that anybody with sufficient guts should consider plastic surgery if they have the time and ample means. Many people who have weighed into Kenny Rogers plastic surgery matters seem to endorse the decision by the celebrity to seek corrective surgery. Others simply want him to accept his lot and learn to live with the frustrations.

Kenny Rogers Facelift

Lovers of country music agree that Rogers had given old age an impressive name. His affectionate smile made people look forward to old age. Now, this has been lost and in its place is a nondescript and decrepit man that oscillates between receding glamour and hopelessness. In his own words, Kenny Rogers thinks he made a terrible mistake. Well, the evidence of his fears are out for anyone that wants to compare the pictures of his past self and the lowly being into which he was converted. The legendary singer is no longer confident to face his vast fan base. One daunting task about the stars of this world is that they must cede some stakes of their lives to their adoring fans. This is one reason why millions share in Rogers’s frustrations.