Julie Bowen Plastic Surgery

Julie Bowen Plastic Surgery

Julie Bowen Plastic Surgery – Before and After Picture

Julie Bowen is a middle aged actress well known for her role on modern family. She subsists in the rare class of actresses who are not ashamed to admit having gone under the knife to boost their looks. Rumors regarding her plastic surgery procedures have circulated all over and she has never denied these claims. To keep herself looking young and vibrant, she must have sought all other options and landed on plastic surgery as the ultimate solution.

Julie Bowen Breast implants 

When assessed closely, there is a significant difference between the size of her breasts before and after surgery. Breast implant procedures are very obvious in this case. Even before she sought these procedures, the actress had already pulled a significant crowd from her first role. Her looks were elegant, raising the question as to why she sought to increase the size of her breasts. While some supporters argue that the breast implants rumor is just vague, images suggest otherwise.

The celebrity had middle sized breasts which seemed good enough for her body stature but it is believed that she sought breast implants after giving birth to her third child. At this point, breasts are expected to go saggy, a reason why she decided to keep them tough and up through the knife. Although they now look bigger and tougher, it is not as plastic as it is with most celebrities. She is among the few celebrities for whom breast implants have worked well. She neither looks too plastic nor awful. It was just the right procedure to suit her needs.

Julie Bowen Laser treatment 

Skin care is one of the toughest virtues especially to celebrities who meet the public eye all their lives. It was not any different for Julie Bowen who went for laser treatment to keep her skin and overall appearance in good shape. Unlike most of her counterparts, she actually revealed that she has sought laser treatments regularly. To be precise, she has used Fraxel routinely to get rid of the wrinkles that were otherwise threatening her middle-age face.

Although her admirers say that she is good with or without plastic surgery, the procedure has certainly improved her. Despite the aging process which is also accelerated by motherhood, the celebrity still looks vibrant, an indication that it is one of the few successful cosmetic surgeries.

Julie Bowen Botox Treatment 

Julie Bowen hides behind a wrinkle-free forehead, which is rather too odd for a woman her age. This points out to a cosmetic procedure of some sort, where Botox fillers give the most reasonable explanation. Close monitoring of her appearance has revealed that she has less of the collections and wrinkles that had began rocking her body during motherhood.

There were faint lines on her face which are no more visible. This also points out to Botox injections. Note that this is very different from the light laser treatment which she used to earn a sleek facial epidermis. Botox injections have also been used on this celebrity, at least to delay the signs of aging until she is satisfied with her acting role. Just like the other procedures, Botox treatments have worked well with this celebrity. While most people wonder whether it is her genes or good surgeons, sometimes it is a matter of luck that it goes well with some people while it turns out scary to others.

Julie Bowen therefore continues to enjoy a large following due to her plastic looks and the admissive nature. She is never shamed of the fact that she has gone under the knife to enhance her looks. In her eyes, people can go to any extent to defend their career and life at large.