Naya Rivera Plastic Surgery


Naya Rivera Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Plastic surgery is becoming more acceptable as years go by. Back in the nineties, celebrities were more reluctant to go under the surgeon’s knife due to the fear of stigmatization. As the world is becoming more liberal, it is now more acceptable to talk about the good side of plastic surgery in public. This might be the main reason behind the increase in the number of both young and old celebrities visiting cosmetic surgery clinics. However, it is wrong for young celebrities to face the surgeon’s knife just for the sake of it. Most young celebrities have been brain washed with the concept of beauty that they are willing to trade their natural looks for artificial pieces of silicon and other filler injections. It is a sad reality that most celebrities are in the least interested in appreciating their natural appearance. Naya Rivera plastic surgery speculations are devastating considering that she has not yet clocked thirty.

Naya Rivera Plastic Surgery

What Surgeries Has Naya Rivera Had?

It is speculated that the 27 year old has gone the extra mile to change her appearance. Breast augmentation, facelift, rhinoplasty, dermal injections and lip augmentation are the procedures the American beauty has had. Being an actress, singer and model, there is no doubt that Naya Rivera was a natural beauty. Following this line of argument, the above surgeries were not necessary. A comparison of her before and after photos evidence Naya Rivera’s alleged plastic surgeries. However, despite the evidence, Naya Rivera has chosen to ignore the allegations. The pretty faced actress has neither confirmed nor denied the surgery allegations leveled against her. Accredited surgeons have added their professional views on these allegations. According to Dr. Archangel Salzhauer, Naya’s looks and breast size are not all natural. The surgeon confirms the breast augmentation rumors together with the facelift rumors. He argues that her cleavage gives her away. Additionally, Dr. Michael Salzhauer further confirms the dermal injection rumors.

Surgery Results

Naya Rivera became famous after her role as Santa Lopez in Glee. She has enjoyed a successful career without her surgeries and it defies reason to think that she had these surgeries. Despite the fact that the surgeries were not that necessary, the results were amazing. Most of young actresses who have a successful career seem to have an insatiable desire to look better than what they already are. This is what seems to be driving Naya Rivera surgery choice. Naya Rivera has now 36 C cups; this new breast size has worked wonders for her appearance. The heightened sense of self confidence cannot be missed. Additionally, there is a great transformation in Naya Rivera’s cheeks. This transformation has been alluded to dermal injections. Her refined nasal tip is believed to be as a result of rhinoplasty. Generally, all the surgical procedures went well and the beautiful Naya is a sight to behold.

What Do Critics Have To Say About Naya Rivera Plastic Surgery?

There are those who believe that Naya Rivera plastic surgery speculations are false. For this lot, they argue that the changes seen on Naya are normal growth changes. According to these critics, Naya has reached the peak of her beauty and surgery has nothing to do with her transformation. Additionally, it is speculated that proper makeup application techniques, lighting and associated red carpet tricks are responsible for the transformations evidenced in Naya’s pictures. However, the professional views offered by Dr. Michael and Dr. Archangel do not make things easy for Naya’s case. It is difficult to disregard the surgery claims especially coming from the mouth of surgery specialists. Naya Rivera is too young for surgical procedures like face lifts and fillers. She should have stuck to the breast augmentation and rhinoplasty as they are more acceptable putting her age into consideration. If she wants to recognize her own image in the mirror ten years from now, she should stay away from anti aging surgical procedures.