Marlo Thomas Plastic Surgery

Marlo Thomas Plastic Surgery

Marlo Thomas Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

This Hollywood actress will be turning 77 on the twenty first of November this year. Most Hollywood celebrities adopt the Hollywood culture as soon as they venture into Hollywood showbiz. However, Marlo Thomas case is peculiar. The now granny grew in Beverly Hills right in the heart of Hollywood with her father being a comedian in this industry. It does not come as a surprise that she had her first plastic surgery at the age of 23. With all the surgeries around her home, you can easily understand where she may have gotten her inspiration form. In an effort to appear prettier, most young women prefer to chisel their noses to have a narrow and refined bridge. After her first surgery, the 1937 born actress then took up her role in That Gal, a role that won her a Golden Globe Award in addition to multiple Emmy nominations. With Marlo on the spotlight it was easier for celebrity bloggers to notice transformations that bordered to plastic surgery.


Marlo Thomas Nose Job

The nose job was the first of Marlo Thomas plastic surgery. Unlucky for her the results of the nose job were too far from amazing. The plastic surgeon gave her a nose that was too narrow for a human being. Most critics refer to Marlo’s nose as pinched. This pinched nose defies the essence of a nose job as it is disproportional to the rest of Marlo’s facial features. There is no doubt that Marlo looks better before than after the rhinoplasty. When a plastic surgery goes bad, you are never sure whether to blame the patient or the surgeon. There is no doubt however, that Marlo’s wanted a refined nose which her surgeon failed to give her.

Marlo Thomas Other Plastic Surgeries

You are wrong if you thought that the terrible results of the nose job would deter Marlo from facing the surgeon’s knife yet again. Like a child who does not learn her lesson, she went for yet more surgeries. These include: facelift, Botox, brow lift and facial fillers. A combination of facelift, Botox and facial fillers require a surgeon that has mastered the art of artificial beauty. Marlo Thomas was disappointed yet again. The results of the surgeries were not amazing at all. The facelift went wrong and gave her face too tight an appearance, this appearance is far removed from beauty. The Botox might have been overly used resulting in the ridiculous pull of skin. Her face is a weird sight. She seems to have lost all of her natural facial features. If the fillers were properly augmented on her cheeks is an issue no one can prove since the pulled skin makes it difficult to focus on the rest of her facial features.

What Happened With Marlo Thomas Plastic Surgery?

It is very disappointing when a celebrity’s beauty is scarred by plastic surgery. Judging from her choice of surgery, she was very objective. The nose job was meant to make her more beautiful while the other set of surgeries are normal for ageing women. Had she learnt her lesson with the nose job gone wrong, she would still be able to smile without the fear that her skin might tear. The disappointing results of her plastic surgery procedures make you shun plastic surgery. Marlo has always been a beautiful woman, she could have turned to diet and exercise to reduce effects of old age rather than stick to a routine that made her scarier than wrinkles and sagging skin would. Marlo should stop having any other procedures and if possible, she should seek a number of corrective surgeries. She owes it to her fans to look like a natural human being and not some plastic one.