K.Michelle Butt Implants

K.Michelle butt implants

K.Michelle Before and After Photos

The “Love & Hip Hop” diva K. Michelle, has summoned the speculation bug as of recently and for some reason this time around, a celebrity of this genre is really vamping up the rumor mill. The Hip-Hop crowd are typically patrons of the these type of procedures so it really begs the question as to why does this particular artist garner such notoriety for something such as this? So, does K Michelle butt implants really live up to all the hype or is it just another standard run-of-the-mill plastic surgery story that just caught a little too much fire?

For starters, she has not too long ago admitted that she had received a breast augmentation but it seem that if you look over some of her latest footage and pics you would then realize that it wasn’t only her breast that got attention. It really looks as if K.Michelle had received more of a lower body sort of package deal, as would be more of the proper nomenclature way of going about it.

Living Large

It really wasn’t too far back when her ex-boyfriend had put on a full media arsenal and through some cosmetic dirty laundry out to the masses. He told several radio stations, TV stations and a few internet resources that she had recently went for a major body overhaul including the butt job and the breast job, had acquired new teeth as well. The girl was apparently living large and knew what she was after.

With all of the hoopla that had commenced, it was K.Michelle who felt the need to go out and raid on the media outlets in regards to her plastic surgery rendezvous. She did happen to come out with it and tell the public that the speculations were certainly true but she has also stated that the legendary butt implant was indeed false and that her butt implant was a natural certainty. So why is the booty getting more attention than any of these other procedures.

All about the Butt Implants

Those before and after pic’s really do reveal a dramatic change and the fan base had fallen for her butt being of the organic sort but it had been heavily induced into the misconstrued. There was a clear and obvious change and if anything was really done by the fans, it was just a mere plea to keep her image from apparently being spared from the shames of the so-called butt implants.

So, what you really have to ask yourself is this, does it make sense that these plastic surgery obsessed celebrities will get everything and the kitchen sink done and shout it to the world but they always elude to the butt implants?

A Plastic Surgery Triumph

The procedure of K. Michelle butt implants set had all been done pretty well and skillfully to the utmost. The plastic surgeon was never named but there are many who have been giving accolades to the unknown stranger who is behind the great showing of work. K Michelle apparently is happy as well and she is off and running back in her hot career again.