Paula White Plastic Surgery

Paula White Plastic Surgery

Paula White Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

Could it be true that Paula White went too far in enhancing her beauty? Her followers would easily upbraid anyone who casts such aspersions in broad daylight. White is one of America’s most renowned women evangelists who add value to the lives of millions through motivational sermons. For years, White has remained a role model to many that watch her with great admiration and respect. There are very many things that could be said about her without the exhausting the full list of her virtues. Unfortunately, some of those who want to contribute to the debate lack any kind words for the evangelist. Bloggers and tabloids have gone into the overdrive with their speculations about the possibility of Paula White cosmetic surgery. The things they say are many and varied. Others come with all kinds of photos to give some flesh to their favorite bad words and speculations leveled against the sensational philanthropist.

Paula White Alleged Botox Treatment – Before and After Photos

At the age of 48, some keen celebrity watchers believe that Paula White appears finer than she should. For some reasons, gossipers believe that White looks younger than any average woman of her age does. Those who peddle the speculations have tended to focus more on her face. They insist that White’s face is not natural in any way. Some of these rumors eventually found their way into her ears, and she was compelled to say a thing or two back to the gossip world. She was very clear about the ways she uses to gain beauty. None of these ways entailed a surgeon’s knife. Her ardent followers believe all these speculations were made in bad faith. A great woman of God should not be dragged without good cause to random speculations that are always reserved for the average celebrities. Some of the pictures show White with a very smooth face that appears somewhat out of the ordinary. Such pictures are among the latest. However, nobody should rule out the possibility of the good pastor practicing some creative makeup to achieve the great looks.

Speculators have also pointed at Possibilities of Breast Implants

White’s constant attention on the television screens appears to be attracting the wrong kind of attention from the gossip world. Some of these gossipers are very insistent on the possibilities of a boob job. One would easily wonder why a gifted evangelist would require a fuller bust. A crop of gossipers is always ready to fill in the gaps with more creative responses. According to them, a boob job would make her appear more attractive on the covers of her books. White is a great author who inspires many through her incisive talks that point directions out of many life challenges. As such, her books should have some images that inspire some hope. Others believe that life on the television screens entails some significant element of aesthetics for maximum effect. Nonetheless, a good number of supporters have never thought of her beauty as anything more than a product of good living and a creative sense of fashion.

Weighing White’s Beauty against the Speculations

White has come out in the open and mentioned names of some of her favorite beauty products. However, it appears that her defensive positions only attract more speculations from the grapevine. Most likely, White does not drink alcohol or drugs because of her disciplined outlook on life and her strong Christian faith. The tone of her preaching always focuses on the merits of leading a positive lifestyle. Therefore, there is every possibility that she has grown to embrace the art of good dieting as an example to her flock. A combination of a good diet, exercise, and quality rest has always worked miracles for many people in the celebrity world. On this account, it is fair to hold back the acid rain of critics until the truth comes to the fore. Unfortunately, establishing the facts about celebrity surgery is not as easy as a question-and-answer session.