Kate Hudson Plastic Surgery

Kate Hudson Plastic Surgery

Kate Hudson Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

Kate Hudson was born and raised in Los Angeles California. Being the home of showbiz and models it is speculated that the acting sensation must have been inspired by her peers and even role models in showbiz to go under the surgeon’s knife. She is a widely famous and successful actress as evidenced in the many movies she has been featured in. she has won a globe award and has been on nomination list for other awards. With this kind of attention, it is speculated that the star was under pressure to look flawless in order to impress the growing number of fans and also she needed to secure her hard earned position. These are mere speculations and only Kate can tell the reason behind her choice to go for plastic surgery. However, her desire to look good cannot be completely ruled out since the transformations she underwent were centered on improving her appearance.

Kate Hudson Plastic Surgery

What Are Her Surgeries? 

Plastic surgery speculations suggest that Kate has had a rhinoplasty and a breast augmentation procedure. These speculations are based upon the comparison of her before and after photos. The acting career places demands on celebrities who are sometimes forced to trade their natural appearances for plastic ones. Cosmetic surgery is considered a booming business in Hollywood since every celebrity has appearances aspirations to be met. When Kate’s cosmetic surgery speculations were in the air, most of her fans found it difficult to believe. Kate had never been on the list of celebrities thought to having had plastic surgery during her younger days. Plastic surgery in her later years was difficult to believe. However, her before and after photos strongly suggest the possibility of the two procedures. Despite the fact that the acting sensation has chosen to remain tight lipped over these accusations, most critics strongly believe that she is no longer a natural beauty.

Breast Augmentation and Rhinoplasty Claims 

If you have been following Kate throughout her entire career, you will have to agree that she has always been relatively flat around the chest region. A flat chest is only good for little girls but when it comes to grown women; it is their desire to have a size able mountain on their chests. Somewhere in the middle of her career, Kate lost her flat chest and acquired an enviable pair of boobs right for her body size. This new pair seems to have worked wonders on her self esteem. She stands taller than usual and flaunts her assets whenever she gets the chance to. This transformation is believed to be as a result of a breast augmentation procedure since the star “grew” breasts all of a sudden. Her face also looks different. This difference has been linked to the change in her nose. It is believed that she had the size of her nostril trimmed to make her nose thinner and narrower. It is claimed that rhinoplasty is among the simplest plastic surgery procedures to perform since the surgeon only has to work with the cartilage around the nasal area.

What Do Critics Have To Say? 

When it comes to judging the surgery results of famous celebrities like Kate Hudson, you can always expect controversies. She is adored by her fans, an adoration that sometimes clouds judgment. Some critics argue that she her nose makes her look weird since it does not suit her facial features. To this group, she was better before the surgeries. She is also blamed for her choice to go for plastic surgery in her old age. However, her breast implants have no doubt improved her feminine curve and her clothes fit better than before.