Kim Hyun Joong Plastic Surgery

Kim Hyun Joong Plastic Surgery

Kim Hyun Joong Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

Plastic surgery is traversing borders and it is no longer considered a practice of the people from the west. This art of beauty is also much appreciated by other celebrities from all over the planet. Kim Hyun Joong is a celebrity of Korean descent who is rumored to having had his looks fixed up with plastic surgery. He is a multi talented celebrity with both a singing and acting talent. He is known as the lead rapper of famous band in Korea known as the sss501. He is an extremely looking handsome young man who has earned himself the name of walking sculpture. He looks, as rumored by his fans, looks like they have been specially sculpture. It is this type of flawlessness that led speculators to dig further and try to establish just how natural the star was. Within no time, speculations were that he had faced the surgeon’s knife to accentuate his looks.

Kim Hyun Joong Plastic Surgery

Is He Really Naturally Flawless? 

Kim Hyun Joong plastic surgery speculations allege that the super star rapper is not a naturally flawless hunk. It is claimed that the he had his nose fixed as a measure of improving his facial appearance. His nose looks different in the pictures up for comparison. Rhinoplasty procedures are common among actors and actresses since it is believed that a long chiseled nose is a facial feature to die for. When you look at Kim’s before photo, his nose is not what you can call wide but it is not thin either. Despite this, he is one handsome looking man. This beats logic as to why he would need his looks accentuated further. However, when he came out in the open to respond to the speculations, he also provides the reason behind his surgeries. As usual not all speculators took his word for truth and more speculations are still trending.

Kim on His Rhinoplasty 

He is among the few celebrities who admitted to having had the speculated procedure. However, he explained that he had the procedure as part of a medical procedure since he had been in an accident and had his nose injured. However, gossip hungry speculators were not satisfied with this response since they felt the accident was simply an excuse the star used to have his looks accentuated. Kim insisted in the interview that his nose has no chance of healing on its own and plastic surgery was the only option to save his nose. A calm Kim revealed this information despite the fact that he knew he was bound to face more criticism form extremists. Since he confirmed the allegations and provided a reason behind them, you are left with no choice but to believe in his word or in your own version of the truth.

Surgery Results 

Kim Hyun Joong plastic surgery was a success. Since the procedure was performed for medical reasons, you can safely say it was a double success. He managed to fix his broken nose which in turn fixed his already handsome looks by accentuated them further. The handsome faced rapper has also benefited from his honesty over the procedure. He has not lost the adoration he enjoyed from his fans. His career has benefited a great deal from his surgery results since the widely talked about surgery earned him the positive kind of fame. All you can hope for is that the star was honest about his plastic surgery and that the rest of him is still natural. He is a naturally handsome rapper who does not need to accentuate his looks further. Keeping away from plastic surgery is a good decision both for his image and career.