Kris Jenner Plastic Surgery

Kris Jenner Plastic Surgery

Kris Jenner Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

It seems like Kris Jenner also turned to plastic surgery to accentuate her looks. Just like her husband’s plastic surgery, the result of her surgery was not pleasing at all. The 58 year old Kris Jenner is in Hollywood’s most dreaded list of plastic surgery gone wrong. She is a reality television star whose face is not a new thing in the media. Celebrities of her age are expected to have shown the aging signs. As it seems, the television is no place for the old. The old are not willing to throw in the towel either. They would rather use plastic surgery to hold onto their pretty faces other than to pave way for the young celebrities. As much as Kris Jenner plastic surgery speculations are trending on the internet, most of her fans are not so much concerned with the surgeries but with the results of the surgery.

Kris Jenner Plastic Surgery

What Do Critics Have to Say? 

A famous television personality like Kris Jenner has a huge following and naturally any news concerning her will attract a wide criticism. Many critics have criticized her decision to turn to plastic surgery since she ended up looking worse than her original image. Her case is one where she is preferred with wrinkles other than the botched jobs. If you compare her before and after photos, you will agree with this criticism to some extent. Especially in her after photos, she seems more plastic than natural. There is no doubt that her facial surgeries were botched. She was successful in her attempt to eliminate wrinkles, crow feet and sagging skin from her face. However, she failed to retain her beauty. One look at her may live you mesmerized by her rejuvenated facial skin until you give her a closer and prolonged look.

Plastic Surgery or Speculations

Plastic surgery speculators have insisted that Kris Jenner has had a skin rejuvenating procedure and an eyelid surgery. It is claimed that she does not have facial movement a sign of over indulgence in the skin rejuvenating procedures. There are a number of skin rejuvenating procedures available in the world of plastic surgeries and sometimes celebrities combine two or more. Combinations sometimes back fire on celebrities. Typical speculators may assume that Kris Jenner indulged in a facial and Botox procedure. These procedures when not applied in moderation hinder the movement of facial muscles and make it difficult for a celebrity to even smile or life. Apparently, Dr. Young argues that Chemical peels and laser treatments are also other skin rejuvenating procedures the pretty faced star has had. He adds in that these procedures must have contributed to the lack of facial movement. The treatments must have interfered with her facial muscles.

Cheek Implants and Eyelid Surgery 

It has been further speculated that she has had her cheeks augmentated. Cheek implants add on the tissue under the cheek structure, these tissues help firm upon the cheek structure preventing sagging. The cheek implants speculations arose when it was observed that her face looked puffier than usual. Additionally, her cheeks seem too firm for a woman her age. Trending among Kris Jenner speculated surgeries is an eyelid surgery. Eyelid surgeries eliminate eye bag s that form around the eyes during old age. Since Kris Jenner does not have any of these bags, it is speculated that she had them removed through surgery. However, some critics think that the open eyes are as a result of a facelift gone wrong. The facelift is thought to have pulled her top lid forcing her eyes to open up. These plastic surgery speculations are yet to be confirmed since Kris has remained tight lipped.