Katie Couric Plastic Surgery


Katie Couric Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

Katie Couric is an extremely attractive American journalist bordering 60. While you watch her on TV, it is almost impossible to convince yourself that Katie is over forty years old. At the age of sixty, it is expected that she should already exhibit the usual tell-tale signs of aging. This is not the case for pretty faced Katie. She looks as good as she did more than twenty years ago. There are women who have really good genes and enjoy a graceful aging period. Even so, most of these women at least show minimal signs of aging. When a woman is sixty and still looks like she has lived on earth for only two decades, then surgery speculations arise. As a journalist, looks are a priority. Katie Couric plastic surgery speculations have been trending on the social media when the journalist was miraculously still young in her late fifties.

 Katie Couric Facelift and Botox Injection

When time takes its toll on a woman, sagging skin and wrinkles are among the first signs you expect to see. When most celebrities fail to show these signs, it is assumed that they have used the anti aging surgical procedures. It is speculated that Katie Couric plastic surgery procedures include Botox and a facelift. As you watch this famous journalist on TV, you almost envy her smooth forehead. According to plastic surgery speculations, the smooth forehead you see is not natural but Botox lined. In addition to the Botox procedure that has ensured Katie does not suffer from the wrinkle menace, the journalist has also had a facelift. The result of the facelift was fantastic too. There are no evident skin sags on Katie’s face. The essence of a combination of facelift and Botox is to get rid of facial aging signs which the two procedures did.

katie curric after surgery

Good Genes or Plastic Surgery

The answer to this question is highly dependent on your own personal opinion. Since Katie has deliberately refused to confirm the surgery allegations, you are reduced to a comparison of her before and after photos. This comparison helps you notice that the skin on Katie’s face does not show the toil of time. Most of the time, it is easy to tell when a woman has had a facelift when it has been overly done. In such cases, it is easy to notice the freezing effect of a facelift. However, until Katie confirms these allegations, that is what they remain to be: allegations. It is hard to believe that she has good genes, even with graceful aging; traces of wrinkles should be visible on the forehead by now. The makeup and lighting excuse are also hard to buy since this is a television personality and it is difficult to convince people that make up can actually camouflage wrinkles.

Surgery Results

When it comes to judging results of a surgery, it is not only about how a celebrity looks post surgery, surgery results go a long way in determining the career success of a star. Success in journalism is not only based in research and reporting skills, self presentation matters. As a journalist, Katie must have felt that she owes it to her fans to look her best on camera. The success of her surgery has rendered her a darling to many. She has managed to look radiant and youthful in her old age. The amazing bit about her surgeries is that they were precisely done. Katie Couric made a perfect surgery choice and also had good surgeons. With the amazing results, she should not get addicted to these procedures as she may cause irreversible damage to her still beautiful and natural looking skin.