Marie Louise Parker Plastic Surgery

Mary Louise Parker Plastic Surgery

Mary Louise Parker Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Celebrity bloggers are always focusing their microscopes lenses over Hollywood celebrities in an effort to tell who has had plastic surgery. Mary Louise Parker is an attractive actress who has been acting since she was a youth. She has worn a series of awards including a golden globe, Tony and Emmy awards. The fifty year old actress has not shown an addiction to plastic surgery. Unlike most Hollywood actresses, there is no evidence to prove that Marie Louise parker has been involved with surgical procedures meant to enhance a woman’s looks. In her teens, she never tried the rhinoplasty and breast augmentation common to women her age. Despite her apparent surgery free acting career, there are surgery speculations that have arisen in her old age. Apparently, surgery speculations are not selective; everyone is guilty until proven innocent. Being a mother to a son and an adopted daughter, it is expected that Marie Louise Parker should have already shown the signs of ageing expected of mothers her age.

Mary Louise Parker Plastic Surgery

What Surgeries Has Marie Louise Parker Had?

Marie’s case is quite controversial. To her credit, she is not a plastic surgery addict. The star of Weeds has no surgery records neither does she show any convincing signs of plastic surgery. Surgery speculations are that she has had a Botox and possible laser skin treatment. Her smooth shiny forehead is believed to be as a result of a Botox injection. Evidence of Botox is further studied in facial movement. According to plastic surgery experts, most of celebrities who have had Botox injected in their foreheads have difficulty moving facial muscles. Additionally, it is speculated that Marie has had laser skin rejuvenation. Botox and laser treatment are surgical procedures that are less invasive. This makes it difficult to ascertain the truth in surgery allegations levelled against her.

What Does Marie Louise Parker Think Of These Surgeries?

The famous actress has chosen to defend her honour. According to her, she does not advocate for any type of surgeries. She is well aware of how far her actions go in setting an example to other women. She is against this medical art of beauty and has gone the extra mile in proving that she has not had the anti ageing surgical procedures. She tried to make faces in order to prove that she has the facial movement Botox rids off most women. Considering the fact that Marie has no past record of plastic surgery, chances are that she might be a victim of Hollywood stereotype. She claims to be upset when her pictures are altered to get rid of the wrinkles on the forehead. There are celebrities who get away with surgical procedures. Most of these celebrities go for subtle procedures that do not necessarily require the bandage wearing.

What Are The Results Of The Surgery?

It is difficult to tell whether Louise wrinkle free face is as a result of plastic surgery. If it is, then the surgeries were well done. Marie Louise Parker has admitted several times that she has wrinkles on her forehead and she is not ashamed of ageing. Maybe it is due to these cruel speculations that the actress has considered quitting the acting industry. According to her, the entertainment industry is too cruel for her. She feels that a stranger lacks the right to comment on her. Mary Louise parker should be stronger than that. Many actresses have survived surgery speculations together with other malicious speculations. As long as she has a free conscious, she should not be worried about these speculations. She has resigned her fate to writing but she should not assume that the surgery speculations will just disappear.