Kellie Pickler Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

kellie pickler plastic surgery

Kellie Pickler Plastic Surgery and New Look

Did Kellie Pickler Undergo Plastic Surgery

Kellie pickler is among the celebrities who thank heavens for plastic surgery. A comparison of her photos during her American idol days with her recent photos reveals dramatic changes in her appearance. Naturally, growth comes with changes but there are inconsistencies in the changes she underwent that gave birth to the surgery speculations.

Her song, “The Small Town Girl” brought her into the spotlight and probably made her grow more conscious of her looks. She made the decision to face the surgeon’s knife not just once but several times in an effort to correct all her flaws.

Breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, Botox injections, check fillers and facelifts are Kellie Pickler’s plastic surgeries. She has had them hasn’t she? She has simply turned to surgery to fulfill her wishes and redefined the concept by using it to enable all her self esteem aspirations.

kellie pickler plastic surgery

Did The Surgery Work For Her?

The breast augmentation helped her achieve the much sought after “perfect body shape”. Compared to her flat chested American idol days, Kellie Pickler’s plastic surgery gave her a full and firm bust to boast of. The changes in the size of her breast are not natural so no reason to envy her. Nobody grows breast at such an alarming rate. Celebrity gossip has that the country musician breast augmentation went bad since her breasts are too big. However, the surgery served its purpose. She seems to have a heightened sense of self esteem.

Her narrow sharp tipped nose is alluded to rhinoplasty. The celebrity underwent this su19rgery to get rid of the wide nose she once had. Additionally, it is speculated that she has had facelifts, cheek fillers and Botox injections to make her face more appealing.

Are The Speculations True?

Most celebrities deny having had any plastic surgeries. Kellie Pickler is not one of them; however, she deliberately refuses to confirm the surgery speculations. Her elusiveness when it comes to this topic is associated with the fact that she has had these surgeries. Cosmetic surgery experts like Dr. David Shaffer and Dr. Sherell J. Aston confirm these rumors. Using their professional eyes, Dr. Shaffer confirms that she has had her cheeks filled with restylane and juvaderm. Dr. Sherell associates her plump cheeks with fillers, and further confirms her rhinoplasty.

Kellie Pickler’s surgeries made her more beautiful. A look at her before and after photos is a definite way of proving this fact.