Keira Knightley Plastic Surgery Rumors Before and After Photos

keira knightley plastic surgery

Keira Knightley Plastic Surgery Rumors Before and After Photos

The stunning English actress famous for her roles in the Pirates of the Caribbean has been known to be one of the prettiest faces in showbiz. However, this has not left her immune to rumors of plastic surgery. It is common with many celebrities to go for that extra to become perfect even if they were already beautiful to start with. During an earlier interview Keira stated that she does not rule out the possibility of getting cosmetic surgery as she grows older. We can confirm that she stuck through her statement by actually going under the knife.

keira knightley plastic surgery

Nose Job

This is the most visible change on Keira’s face. A simple glance at her photos from a few years back and now shows a clear difference on her nose. In the past it was much wider especially at the bridge all the way to the middle of the eyes. However, currently she is spotting a slim and longer nose. It is more pointed at the tip making her facial features even more appealing than before.

Lip Implants

Keira’s lips have also drawn up a lot of speculation from both cosmetic surgical experts as well as the general population. The lip job is quite subtle, not over done and blends in well with her face while still maintaining her natural look. Never the less, it is no secret that she had lip augmentation. The experts say this may have been done by injection of fillers like collagen especially to the upper lip. There is also the possibility of her having used synthetic implants.

Breast implants

Contrary to what many people would have expected, Keira has not undergone any breast augmentation surgery. Her chest is quite small and flat with regard to entertainment industry standards. In fact, she has talked about them on various interviews indicating that she would have loved bigger breasts.

Conversely, she has not attempted to have any work done on them. Many people think this is her way of trying to stay true to herself even as she is becoming more famous by the day. Everyone is waiting to see if she will stick with this resolution or give in and get breast implants in the future.