Kyra Sedgwick Plastic Surgery or Natural Beauty? Before and After Photos

kyra sedgwick plastic surgery

Kyra Sedgwick Plastic Surgery or Natural Beauty?

There has been a lot of speculation milling around over the famous actress from “The Closer”. All these are centered on whether she has had plastic surgery or she is a natural beauty aging gracefully. Well, we can confirm that although she is pretty, she has gotten a little help from a cosmetic surgeon. Seeing as she is about to hit fifty it is only natural that she tries to maintain her youthful look by getting a little nip and tuck.

kyra sedgwick plastic surgery

Breast Augmentation

Kyra’s breasts are perky and not sagging in the least as should be with a woman her age. Considering the fact that she has two children already, it is easy to speculate that she has help keeping them looking perfect. There are also photos that show her breasts are larger now that they were before. These fit perfectly with her slender frame and enhance her figure.


At her age, Kyra does not show any signs of wrinkles on her face. This can only be achieved by a facelift or botox injections. However, seeing as there is no big difference on her face, it is obvious that she only injected fillers. Although other people still insist that the only way to have evenly smooth skin like that is through facelift. This is done by pulling the skin so that it is taut and does not show any wrinkles even when smiling.

Facelift fail

There are rumors that after going for a facelift, she ended up not liking the look. After that she steered away from getting any unnatural enhancements. This has also seen her being vocal about her disapproval of plastic surgery. Many critics have used her as an example of Hollywood stars with plastic surgery gone wrong. Never the less, it is still clear that she is a beauty and most of the changes she underwent gave positive results.

Up until now, she claims to use only nutrient supplements to stay youthful. She says she has professional dieticians and physical trainers working with her to keep her body in check. We think there is no natural formulation out there that can make you look like that in your late forties. Well unless you have spent some time on a plastic surgeon’s table which is the case with Kyra.