Kelly Lebrock Plastc Surgery

kelly lebrock plastic surgery

Kelly Lebrock Plastc Surgery – Before and After Pictures

She was born on the 24th of March 1960 in New York City. However she was not raised in her birth cit but in London England. She is an English model and actress who is known for her curvaceous body and striking looks. These earned her the title of one of the most beautiful women in the eighties. She is of a mixed heritage with her dad being of a French and Canadian ancestry while her mother was of Irish ancestry. Her mother was also a model. Her film debut was in the movie Woman Red. It is believed that she earned this role due to her stunning looks and eth fact that she was considered as one of the flawless women of her time. She began her career at the tender age of sixteen and gradually grew into the famous model she is now. She is the mother of three children whose father is Steven Seagal.

kelly lebrock plastic surgery

Plastic Surgery or Speculations?

A woman like Kelly has the attention of the whole world and is obviously under the pressure to look good for the cameras. She is obviously aging gracefully and it is believed that cosmetic surgery may have a hand in it. She has gained a considerable amount of weight and this is no surprise considering that she has given birth three times. However, this has not altered her beauty in any way since she still knows how to dress her body and look stunning without trying too much. However, it is her face that has brought all the speculations leveled against her. She has denied that she has had some work done but as it is often the trend, very few believe her.

The Facials

Gossip columns are carrying the model’s name besides the anti aging cosmetic procedures. It is believed that she has done numerous works on her face. Facelift and Botox top the list as the anti aging procedures she has formed a relationship with. It is also believed that she has turned on laser to compliment the results of the facelift and Botox. Her wrinkle free eyes have attracted eyelid surgery speculation. Eyelid surgery is also becoming common as it has both aesthetic and anti aging values. Aside from getting rid of the eye bags it also opens the eyes wider making one look more attractive.

Kelly Lebrock Controversial Lip Job

One thing you cannot miss is the dramatic change in the size of Kelly’s lips. While the rest of her surgeries have been accepted with open arms, her lip job has given birth to some criticisms. Looking at her pictures, you will definitely agree that her lips are the replica of Angelina Jolie’s. The rest of her surgeries are quite subtle but not this one. She has managed to change her overall look with this one procedure. The fact that her lips have gotten fuller when she is aging is another cause of speculations. She has received both criticism and praise for her jobs but she is still famous all the same. Although she remains adamant in her denials of these speculations, her lip job seems quite obvious.

Dr. Youn on Kelly Lebrock Plastic Surgery

According to the accredited cosmetic surgeon Dr. Youn, the model and actress shows the signs of natural graceful aging but also shows the signs of using a few cosmetic procedures. He recognizes that obviously pouted lips are as a result of a job well done. He suggests a regular but moderate engagement with Botox and facelifts. According to the doctor, Kelly is a woman who is obviously blessed with good genes but her current looks are not all natural. She is a case of successful surgery and she has managed to look much younger than her real age. Although her controversial lip job is still a hot topic for debate, she is a woman who has managed to look young again without going over the roof.