Kerri Green Before and After

kerri green before and after

Kerri Green Before and After Pictures

Kerry green was born on the 14th of January 1967 in Fort Lee New Jersey. She is an actress, director and a writer. The now renowned lady entered into the world of entertainment in her teen years. She earned herself numerous television and film movie roles until she earned the role that won her critical appraisal. She was brought to the limelight after she played the role of Andrea, famously shortened as “Andy”, this was a cheerleading role in the movie Gounies. The film was produce in 1985. Aside from registering this kind of success in her acting job, she partnered with Bonnie Dickenson and founded a movie production company. She is the cofounder of the Independent Women Artist movie production company. She has managed to turn the hands of time in regards to her appearance. This has made her the object of cosmetic surgery speculations.

kerri green before and after

Plastic Surgery or Enviable Genes?

Some people are blessed with the right genes such that they age at a very slow rate. This is what most celebrities would kill to have. Those who are not blessed with these genes turn to cosmetic surgery to look younger. The modern day Hollywood celebrity has proved that they cannot stay off the knife. Kerri Green’s face has remained radiant even in her forty seventh year. She has attracted cosmetic surgery speculations. Considering the fact that her surgeries did not go wayward, it is not easy to prove since her most of her choices were non invasive. Such celebrities have the perfect cover since there is nothing other than speculations to prove that they are no longer natural.

Botox and Facelift

Celebrities no longer wait for the aging signs to catch up with them before they engage in surgeries. They have learnt to deal with the signs as soon as they appear and maintain a regular relationship with these procedures. For some, this has worked well. Kerri Green is obviously proud of her new face if the speculations are to go by. She has moderately engaged in surgery to look so young when she is only few years shy of fifty. Her Botox procedure went well. She does not show any traces of wrinkles. She has enjoyed eth services of a good doctor but obviously, her discipline is also intact. Being a quick fix solution to wrinkles, many have been addicted to it but she hasn’t. The subtle nature of her engagement with surgery has made it difficult to ascertain the truth in these speculations.

Eyelift Procedures

Her eyes look wider than they were before. This difference is seen upon the comparison of her before and after pictures. The reason behind the alleged facelift is yet to be established. While some critics think that she had it as an anti aging procedure by having the fat deposits around the eyes removed; others believe that she may have had this as a look enhancing procedure. The latter is based on the fact the eyelid has made her prettier. Comparing her photos, her eyes are the first thing you will notice. They are the outstanding of her facial features unlike in her current photos and it is believed that this change is due to eye lifting.

Surgery Results

The changes on Kerri Green’s face have worked to her advantage. Not only has she become a household name but she has become prettier and radiant. She got value for the time and money she spent at the surgeon’s. She has denied the allegations leveled against her. She claims healthy living habits have resulted in her prettiness. When a celebrity denies such claims, there is not so much you can do but forma personal opinion after a careful analysis of previous and current photos. After all, not all celebrities tell the truth even when the surgeries are so obvious. Cosmetic surgery or not, Kerri Green should keep doing what she is doing since she looks her best.