Kerry Washington Plastic Surgery

Kerry Washington before surgery

Kerry Washington Before and After Plastic Surgery Photos

A beautiful actress that was brought into the spotlight by her role in the hit movie for colored girls. The transformations in her appearance where clearly seen in this movie. You probably noticed it too, her looks very radiant and youthful despite her age. Kerry Washington has always been a beautiful woman but apparently she was too afraid to lose her beauty. It is rumored that she had her surgical procedures in her early thirties. The thirty six year old is a sight to behold, with her smooth and shiny forehead, cosmetically enhanced eyelids and augmentated cheeks; Kerry looks ten years younger her actual age.

Kerry’s Plastic Surgeries

Kerry Washington Before and After Plastic Surgery Photos

Hollywood actresses are always focused upon for a variety of reasons. Celebrity gossip columns where happy to run a new wave of gossip once Kerry showed these sudden transformations. Her before and after photos trended the social media with every celebrity blogger desperate to outline the differences on her appearance. After a successful comparison it was officially speculated that the sassy actress had had a number of surgical procedures including: rhinoplasty, Botox injection, lip and cheek fillers and eyelid surgery. Clearly, Kerry’s surgery choice was not only aimed at enhancing her beauty but also at combating the major signs of old age.

When it comes to judging the appearance of a Hollywood celebrity, a number of considerations are put in mind. Make up can considerably transform appearances; however, speculators believe that sudden unexplainable changes that seem to defy natural laws are often suggestive of surgery. Additionally, some of the Hollywood celebrities keen at hiding the surgical procedures they have had always allude their transformations to exercise and eating. However, in this century, it is hard to fool the world as speculators have developed akeen eye for surgery analysis. Kerry’s case is no different; her enhanced beauty is believed to be far from natural.

Rhinoplasty or Not?

A comparison of her before and after photos suggests that she had a rhinoplasty. In her before photos, her nose is relatively wide tipped majorly contrasting with her narrow ridged refined post surgery nose. This difference in the shape and size of her nose is clearly not a natural occurrence and it will be harder to convince speculators that this is a makeup enhancement. The difference in the shape and overall appearance of her eye is suggestive of an eyelid surgery. It is rumored that she had this surgery to enhance the beauty of her eye. The eye magnifying effect of the eyelid surgery gave Kerry a beautiful set of relatively big eyes that complement the rest of her facial features. Her apparent anti aging techniques are also surgery related, her smooth and shinny forehead is highly suggestive of a Botox procedure. The Botox injection got rid of the wrinkles that would be clearly visible on her face by now. The final speculations were centered on the difference in the shape and size of her lips and cheeks. It is speculated that she had fillers injected in these two facial features. There is surely a clear difference in the shape of her cheeks, in her after photos; they look full suggestive of a sculptra injection. Her full sumptuous lips have been injected with either restylane or juvederm.

Surgery results

It is hard for you not to believe that Kerry has had these surgical procedures especially after Dr. Paul Nassif adds his professional observations to the speculations. The doctor is impressed with the surgery results and marvels at how her surgeon balanced the fillers and Botox. It is hard to have the two surgical procedures and still maintain a near natural look. Kerry Washington’s plastic surgery went well. Despite the many surgeries she has had, the beautiful actress is as pretty as ever. You can only hope that she maintains this objectivity in the choice of surgery together with her surgeon for future surgical procedures.

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