Demi Moore Plastic Surgery

demi moore surgery

Demi Moore Before and After Plastic Surgery Pics

Does anyone remember the way Demi Moore looked in the movie Striptease? People just fell in love with her in every possible way. She had that picture perfect look and a figure which would make Aphrodite herself jealous and if her overall look wasn’t enough to make you drool all over her, she would simply seduce you in a matter of seconds with her sensuous Striptease performance. I mean she had it all. Men wanted to be with her, heck…. few men even wanted to be like her and women did everything the Demi Moore way. Today when you see her almost 25 years later and after giving birth to 3 children, she still manages to raise a few eyebrows, but for all the wrong reasons.

Searching For The Surgery

Demi had always managed to remain as the sensual dream over her career in the 80’s and 90’s, but when a lot of people saw her re-emerge after a long absence from the silver screen with Charlie’s Angel’s, people could do nothing except scream out “Demi Moore Plastic Surgery, Demi Moore Plastic Surgery.” Even though everyone would agree that Demi looked nothing short of a goddess in the movies, but it seems that it is not the same Demi we all know and love. I mean anyone who has seen Demi in movies like G.I. Jane, Ghost or Striptease would only ask the question “Where is Demi and what have you done with her”. Just look at her in her 50’s. She looks nothing like a 50 year old should look like, let alone look like the mother of three children. I mean women just give birth to one child and look like they have been put through the torture chamber and here is Demi, who looks better than most of the actresses out there today.

The Plastic Changes

I am not ashamed to say that I fell in love with Demi the first time I saw her. Most people did, Including my BOSS out here. But now when you look at her, she looks nothing similar to what she did 20 years back. She does not even look the way as she did, during all that time when she was spending acting like Bruce Willis’s entourage. She changed completely. When you look at her today, it looks like that someone electrocuted her and the look remained intact. What?? Don’t be angry with me, I have my thoughts too. So I got down to the facts and chalked out what all surgeries she did have and make a foolproof list of Demi Moore Plastic Surgery.

The List

Breast Augmentation – Ok, so we all know that she had undergone breast augmentation while shooting for G.I. Jane, to get rid of her striptease boobs, because it prevented her from moving around freely. And it looks like her love for breast augmentation has remained the same even after all these years.

Liposuction – So I have been lifting weights for almost 8 years now and have seen several transformation stories happen in front of me, but never in my life have I seen someone, no matter how good they look, making a complete fat free transformation after giving birth. Face it, women gain weight 5 times faster than men do, to make childbirth easier and they even lose 90% of it after childbirth. But there is no way you can get rid of that extra 10%. No diet can help, no exercise will do and only because that’s how your body keeps itself ready to give birth again and again. I am suspecting her sudden fat loss has to do something with liposuction and nothing else.

Face Lifts – Demi had this face that would even melt Scrooge McDuck and the way she has been holding on to her look, anyone would be surprised beyond imagination. But who ever did her facelift, did a god awful job because now her neck looks like that of a 50 year old and her face looks like someone in their mid 30’s.

Botox – This is an obvious choice for Demi, much like many stars before her. Look mom, No Wrinkles. Which means I Bruce spent a lot of time ironing her face or she has had her share of Botox injections.

Cheek Implants – Not a lot of people would catch on to this easily, but Demi for one has surely had some cheek implants done. How else would you explain having flat, beautiful cheeks all your life and then suddenly when you start to age the facial bones starting to stick out. Which is why I would have to say, its cheek implants or she went for a one on one with Tyson.

Well the list of Demi Moore Plastic Surgery is extremely long and I was told to wrap it up quick, but the fact still remains that Demi has had help from the knife time and again, to help her fight off aging.