Wendy Williams Plastic Surgery

wendy williams before surgery

Wendy Williams Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Despite crossing the age of forty, her breast implants are a clear indication that Wendy Williams has sought some plastic surgery procedures. Unfortunately, she features in the list of celebrities whose medical treatments have gone sour. Having sought liposuction and breast augumentation, Wendy Williams is among the few celebrities who have gracefully accepted that she sought 7 cosmetic surgery procedures to shape her breasts.

wendy williams before surgery

Breast augumentation

Previously, the celebrity had very small breasts that could not match the morphology of her body, a reason why she sought proportionality through a knife. Despite being satisfied with what she has, observers are the most trusted and it is a popular opinion that her breasts look rather too unnatural and fake but definitely as big as she expected them to be.


Call her a pessimist. This is what most dieters would prefer. Wendy believed that diet and exercise were not good enough to earn her the body stature that she admired. As such, she considered liposuction a better option for getting rid of the excess fat in her body so that she could appear slim in no time. Of course it is a little daunting to get rid of body fat especially around the tummy but exercise and diet are effective in the long run. Nonetheless, celebrities are often on the run and what most of them expect is instant results.


You can call it an undying love for her appearance but some will interpret it as a deep sense of insecurity. Surprisingly, this celebrity reveals all the plastic procedures that she has undergone to keep her looking great. She is a fan of Botox, injections used to keep the ageing wrinkles off her forehead at least until she accepts the sunset days of her teenage period.

Will she seek yet another procedure? There is a lot of speculation because she is now used to plastic appearances. Maybe she will go for a nose job next but for now, she seems to have gained some confidence from the knife. She has often admitted that she would not be perfect without these cosmetic procedures.