Victoria Principal Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

victoria principal plastic surgery

Victoria Principal Plastic Surgery and New Look

Victoria Principal is one of the most popular American actresses, known for her role on the soap opera ‘Dallas’, which she held for a period of ten years. Despite wading along her 60s, the face of this celebrity looks too smooth and youthful to be natural. She has since denied all these rumours, although it is barely possible to believe her justification, especially with the knowledge that she has been married to a plastic surgeon, Harry Glassman, for a period of 21 years. Judging by the photos before and after the presumed cosmetic procedures, it is obvious that the celebrity has had some time under the knife.

victoria principal plastic surgery


Victoria Principal’s eyes appear a little drawn to the upper end. This is an indication that she might have undergone browlift and facelift too. Similarly, her face looks tighter, and perhaps smoother around the eyes, without the slightest indication of sagging eyes, which is expected from most people of her age.


Ageing is a natural and inevitable process that every individual is supposed to undergo but looking at Victoria Principal, it is as if mother nature might have excused her. Her forehead looks too clean and smooth, devoid of the wrinkles that should be doing justice to her age by now. This is a sure pointer to Botox injections because even dieting and exercise can only delay but not stop wrinkles.

Neck lift

There has been a lot of gossip especially in the media, which led to investigation on the woman who acted as Pamela on the soap ‘Dallas’. This led to a declaration that she went for a neck lift to enhance her appearance.

Even though most of these rumours have been denied by the celebrity herself, she seems to have a good reason behind her defense. She has a beauty care line, from which she gets most of her beauty products. However, if they could be doing this good, why then should celebrities seek cosmetic procedures?

Unlike most celebrities, however, she has not considered changing her breasts and nose. While there may no solid proof of her fake appearance, a keen eye should analyse her looks before and after surgery to ascertain the truth.