Kristen Stewart Nose Job Before and After Photos

kristen stewart nose job

Kristen Stewart Nose Job and New Look

Born in Los Angeles, Kristen Stewart has already achieved an impressive career and she seems destined for Hollywood. Despite her young popularity, she is rumoured to have undergone a plastic surgery, not because of the trend and pressure from other celebrities in Hollywood but mainly because of her birth defect which most people say denied her a smile. However, it is not a justification because she is said to have sought other cosmetic procedures such as a nose job and breast augmentation. This leaves us wondering as to what she will do when the effects of ageing finally descend on her.

kristen stewart nose job

Chronic Bitchface Correction

According to doctors, Kristen Stewart had a birth defect called chronic bitchface, which denied her the pleasure of a smile. The procedure was aimed at making subtle adjustments to the underlying musculature, besides reconnecting the nerves on her chin, mouth and cheeks.

Nose Job

Kristen Stewart had a nose job at a rather too young age. Her nose was much bigger in its natural form but the current images reveal a more refined, oblique and thinner nose. The nostrils too look inserted, making it certain that she had a nosejob before the age of 15 because in her 15s, she still enjoyed a well-fixed nose.

Breast augmentation

The breast augmentation procedure was rumoured when she appeared in a comic convention with breasts that were bigger in size compared to what she naturally had. However, at that time, 70% of the observers believed that the change in size and shape of her boobs were the result of a bra, a claim that was denied by plastic surgeons and her close friends who believed that she had sought some job on her boobs. The naturally small chest was a source of deep dissatisfaction for Kristen Stewart, a reason why she went under the knife to seek a transformation in the shape and volume of her boobs.

Having these procedures in her teenage period, it is obvious that she has more surgeons to make friends with, especially when she hits adulthood. Cosmetic surgeries seem addictive and once a celebrity has undergone one, there is a likelihood that he or she will seek more of the artificial looks.