Maria Shriver Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

maria shriver plastic surgery

Maria Shriver Plastic Surgery and New Look

If you do not know Maria, then you never watch any movies. She was the wife to Arnold Schwarzenegger, a famous actor who turned into a politician. A beautiful author and journalist whose world fell apart when she discovered her husband’s cheating. It is claimed that the changes on her face where witnessed after this scandal.

maria shriver plastic surgery

What Surgeries Has She Had?

After being married for twenty five years, there is no secret that she is quite old. Nobody clearly knows whether her surgeries where done with the objective of fighting old age or with the intention of redeeming her image after this major heartbreak. It is speculated that Maria Shriver aging was suddenly reversed. This has been associated with a possible face lift and Botox injections.

Looking at Maria’s before and after photos, there is some major differences in her facial appearance. Her fore head is wrinkle free probably due to the Botox injection. Additionally, the skin on her face is tight, smooth and radiant suggesting a possible facelift.

Speculations or Truth

Maria Shriver plastic surgery is a controversial case. There are those who believe that the changes on her faces are as a result of makeup. Photos of Maria without makeup have been trending on the internet and to her credit there could be a possibility that a comparison of these photos with the ones in which she has make up could lead to a mistaken claim of plastic surgery.

However, Dr. Ellobogen, a certified celebrity plastic surgeon adds in her professional opinion that Maria must have had minor facial surgeries. She suggests Botox injection for her wrinkle free forehead.

Maria has never voiced her opinions about celebrity plastic surgery. Nobody knows her stand on plastic surgery and this even makes it difficult to tell whether or not she can have the procedure performed on her. She has never confirmed nor denied the plastic surgery allegations laid against her. However, she looks good and if she really had the Botox injection and facelifts, she did not over do the m. as for the reason behind a surgery, who cares, anything to heal a broken heart.