Kim Basinger Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

kim basinger plastic surgery

Kim Basinger Plastic Surgery and New Look

Back in the eighties Kim Basinger had the look every woman wanted. Pretty curved out facial features and long beautiful blonde locks. However, now that she is around sixty, it is only natural that age has taken its toll on the once gorgeous face. There are a lot of telltale signs on her face that she has had surgery done to hang on to her youthful looks. Nonetheless, she has on many occasions vehemently denied getting any work done even though the evidence states otherwise.

kim basinger plastic surgery


From the look of her eyes, it is possible that Kim has had botox injections. At some point one of her eyelids was visibly drooping which normally happens when botox is overdone. At sixty, she still does not have any crow feet around her eyes. This could only mean either she has super youthful skin or has had work done. She has managed to make it difficult for people to decide saying on many occasions that she uses a high protein skin cream that makes it healthy and taut.


There is a lot of debate going on over whether Kim has had a facelift or not. Her face is too youthful for her age especially her jaw line. Never the less, if she has had it done, it was quite subtle. Only a skilled surgeon could have done it to ensure that the changes on her face are as minimal as possible.


Kim’s cheeks are clearly bigger and fuller as compared to her photos taken back in the nineties. This is an indication of facial plumping which is usually done with fat injections. Now they look more defined and complement the shape of her face.

In spite of all the evidence, Kim insists that the secret behind her beauty is because she works out a lot, eats healthy and uses natural skin care products. She has also said that she has good youthful genes which contribute to her aging gracefully. However, on one occasion back in 2011 she was spotted going into a medical building and coming out with her face wrapped in her blanket. This is a clear indication that she must have gone in to get some work done and she was hiding it from the public eye. It is worth admitting that all the work Basinger has had done really paid off and she is one of the few showbiz celebrities still looking good at that age.