Lindsay Lohan Breast Implants

lindsay lohan breast implants

Lindsay Lohan Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Lindsay Lohan has made headlines over the recent past for all the wrong reasons. She has been arrested, done time in jail and even gone for rehab repeatedly. All this bad press has made the actress miss out on major movie roles. Now she is trying to make a comeback into the film industry by cleaning up her act. As part of her efforts to become popular again, she has also gone for plastic surgery.

 Breast implants

She has denied it on many occasions but there is no hiding the fact that Lindsey has breast implants. Her boobs look unnaturally round and much larger than they were before. Since she wears a lot of revealing clothes, there are a number of times the scar left after the implants has been visible. Perhaps it would have been easier to believe that her breasts are natural if she had not increased them so much. However, the difference is glaring when you look at her before and after photos so there is no need lying about it.

Lip implants

Apart from the breasts, Lindsay has also had lip implants to increase their size. These have been overly pumped and quite exaggerated as well. It is obvious that this was the worst idea ever since they look unattractive on her. She always looks like she is smiling even when she is not. This is because of the stretch at the edges and the fact that the lips are practically immovable. Many people say she looked a lot better before all the work.

Cheek implants

You’d think that being in her twenties, Lindsay would have maintained most of her natural looks until she got older, but no. She has gotten cheek implants which are way over the top. In fact there have been jokes going around that it appears like she has had a tennis ball cut into half and inserted on her face.

The cheeks along with the pumped lips have succeeded in making Lindsay one of the Hollywood plastic surgery fail victims. The cosmetic work has done nothing to improve her looks and she appears older. There is no concise explanation as to why the famous actress would want to change her youthful looks. Nonetheless, we believe she is trying to cover up the effect of drug abuse that has taken its toll on her beauty. However, we can’t stop wishing that she would consider turning to talented surgeons if she must get plastic surgery.