Lauren Koslow Plastic Surgery

Lauren Koslow Plastic Surgery

Lauren Koslow Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

She was born as Lauren Alice Koslow on the 9th of March 1953 in Boston. She is a renowned actress who has won the hearts of many with her stunning looks and talent to match. She has a degree in Theatre and costume design. Her acting career begun way back in the seventies when she was participating in touring theatre. She then joined the television scene in the mid eighties and landed herself the role of Lindsay Wells in the television series The Young and the Restless. She is a family woman with two children and a husband all of whom reside in a ranch in Northridge California in the San Fernando Valley together with her makeup artist. At the age of 61, she still looks young and radiant earning herself the title of one of the hottest mommies in Hollywood. Her fresh looking skin is the talk of celebrity tabloids.

Lauren Koslow Plastic Surgery

Is There Any Truth In These Rumors?

The only truth that can be proved is that the actress looks much younger than her age. Without her confirmation, the plastic surgery claims are treated as rumors despite how valid they appear. It will take a miracle for a sixty one year old woman to look as young and as hot as Lauren does without the help of surgeons. Even without her confirmation, it is very easy to believe the rumors since logic agree with them. Looking at other methods that reverse the aging process, it is clear that none of them can e as effective as the hands of a surgeon. This said, there is a huge possibility that the actress has indulged in Botox, Facelift and facial fillers. From the above procedures, you can easily tell that her main objective was to fight time by taking considerable number of years off her face.

The facials 

When people want to look younger than really are, they concentrate on the face first. The appearance of the face is usually the first give away since most the aging signs begin to show here. The Botox injections paralyze facial muscles to slow down their weakening process. This offers a temporal solution to aging by tightening facial muscles. Botox does not offer a permanent solution to aging and this explains why it is used at least more than once in a year. Facelift is a complement to Botox since it also straightens out wrinkles and folded skin on the face. People who use his procedures in combination end up looking half their original age since they are very effective when done according to manufacturer’s instructions. She has also benefited from facial fillers. Her lips are full and sensuous just like those of a teenage girl. All these attractive facial features are believed to be surgically earned.

Surgery Results

The stunning results of Lauren Koslow plastic surgery have attracted a lot of praise. Her name is listed as one of the most successful cases of Botox and facelift. She is still a celebrated star, young looking and an achiever despite her old age. According to Dr. Michael Salzhauer, the actress had a mini facelift which was combined with the Botox procedure, choices he commends. She adds that despite Lauren’s silence, there is little doubt that she has benefited from the said procedures considering her age. Aging in a graceful manner is one thing most women will kill for celebrity or not. Lauren is a lucky woman since her young looks not only indicate a healthy relationship with surgery but also a careful and disciplined indulgence. She sets an example to women interested in retaining their young faces.