Jack Wagner Plastic Surgery

Jack Wagner Plastic Surgery

Jack Wagner Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

He was born as Peter John “Jack” Wagner on the 11th of October 1959 in Washington Missouri. He is a renowned American actor and singer famous for his handsome look that sweeps women off their feet. He has played many roles in soap operas including General Hospital and Santa Barbara among many others. If you have seen his recent pictures, you will agree that he is no longer the same handsome faced man he used to be. His striking looks are diminishing and this is not only due to old age. It is now a trend in Hollywood that tagging actors and actresses will do everything they can to stop the aging process. While some are lucky enough to succeed in this endeavor, others are unlucky and have to live with the repercussions for the rest of their lives. Jack Wagner is unlucky enough to belong to the latter group.

Jack Wagner Plastic Surgery

What Happened To Wagner? 

Wagner is no longer the American hunk he used to be upon his entry into celeb world. His looks have changed for the worst and he no longer enjoys the attention he used to receive from his female fans. His eyes, which used to shine bright, have lost part of their magic and the actor has been turned into just another guy in Hollywood. If you knew him in his hey days, you surely never expected that he will meet such a cruel end. His fans are not upset that he turned to plastic surgery, the world is already past treating cosmetic procedures as taboos and people have become more appreciative of it. Problem arises when an actor looks worse than they before the procedure. This attracts criticism of all sorts and eventually leads to the death of a career. With his great talent, you can only hope that this is the beginning of the end of Jack Wagner’s career.

Facelift and Botox Claims 

Jack Wagner plastic surgery involves a facelift and Botox procedure. These are very common procedures among members of Hollywood’s aging society. As it seems, television is no place for anything but flawless faces. Wrinkles and sagging cheeks are not a welcome sight to directors and so celebrities are pushed to the wall to have their aging signs camouflaged. Jack’s Wagner failed in his attempt to cling onto his handsome youthful looks. He only managed to deal with the signs of aging but failed miserably in the rest. Sad that he has to deal with the bitter reality that he is no longer the charming hunk who enjoyed adoration from his fans. His face is unreasonably tight and his skin appears pulled. Even without looking at his pictures before the surgery, you can easily tell that he is no longer natural.

Eyelid surgery 

In his effort to combat the aging of his face. He also had an eyelid surgery to remove the eye bags from his face. As people age, different processes in their bodies are affected including the metabolic process. This leads to the accumulation fats around different of the body including the eyes. When this occurs, the eyelids become heavy and the eyes appear closed. With an eyelid surgery, the fats are removed making the lids lighter and the eyes more open. Although the spark in his eyes is gone now, the eyelid surgery has made things better since his eyes are wide open. He is another unfortunate celerity make over case. Due to a procedure not so well done, he is gradually losing his prominence. Many celebrities have suffered his fate but the young and upcoming ones still never learn.