Jennifer Grey Plastic Surgery

Jennifer Grey Plastic Surgery

Jennifer Grey Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictuers

She was born on the 26th of March 1960 in New York in the United States. She is those kinds of celebrity whose talent for showbiz runs in the family. Her mother Jo Wilder is a singer and an actress while her father Joel Grey is Academy winning personality in Hollywood. She is a famous actress not only because of her parents but because of her talent. She is famous as Baby: a role she played in Dirty Dancing which won her a Golden Globe award. She was later featured in many other movies and television series. Her pretty and baby face has attracted many followers with most of her fans admitting that she is one of the hottest celebrities in Hollywood. However, she lost it all to bad plastic surgery. The actress is among the many celebrities who have faced criticism after their attempts to alter their looks failed.

Jennifer Grey Plastic Surgery

The 1987 Nose Job 

Rhinoplasty is the most famous of Jennifer Grey plastic surgery. Unfortunately, it is famous for the wrong reasons. The actress has openly spoken about the botched nose job and expressed her regrets. It is obvious that the job was done by a surgeon who did not know what needed to be done. It is amazing how one facial feature can change the whole appearance. She has publicly admitted that the decline in her fame which also cast a dark cloud over her career was caused by the procedure. Her regrets mean nothing since the damage is already done. Luckily, she has managed to rise above the procedure and it seems like she is working on her face again. The latest gossips suggest that she has had a few facials to camouflage her botched nose in preparation for the reality show. Though trending unconfirmed, it is claimed that she may have had the procedures instead of gambling with a correction of the nose job.

What Critics Think 

There is more to Jennifer Grey’s face than a botched job; this is according to critics who have had the chance to look at her latest pictures. Clearly, there is a huge difference and it seems like it is not only as a result of makeup. According to Dr. Anthony Youn, the actress’s looks better with her facial make over. The surgeon claims that she has been injected with fillers possibly Juverderm on her lips. According to him, the sensual lips do not simply appear out of nowhere especially for a woman of the actresses’ age. He also observes that her skin looks different. He suggests the possibility of Botox or other subtle procedures fancied by women who do not want to look as old as their age.

According to Jennifer…

She has not been open concerning the latest speculations as she was with the botched job. Before the rumors, she had shared her desire to go back into the operating room to have her face fixed up. She wanted for the wrinkles on her fore head and around her eyes removed. Usually, such a statement is enough for speculators to start circulating plastic surgery rumors. But unlike other clear circumstances, the actress claims that she had to follow her husband’s wishes since he advised her against having the procedure. Many celebrities keep their beauty tips a secret especially when it has a lot to do with cosmetic surgery. Luckily for her, her second round of surgery was exceptional. She came out of the surgeon’s clinic better and almost a replica of what she used to be in her young days. Her surgeon surely gave her the face she needed for her reality show.