Jennifer Hawkins Plastic Surgery

Jennifer Hawkins Plastic Surgery

Jennifer Hawkins Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

There are always two easy ways for celebrities to disentangle their reputations from the web of plastic surgery rumours. They can either reject the rumours outright or simply agree and buy some peace. For Jennifer Hawkins, none of these two ways is ideal. She thinks one should simply ignore and enjoy the bothersome grapevine. In her own words, Jennifer said that she is always cool regardless of the outrageous turns and twists of Botox treatments, rhinoplasty, lip surgery, or nose job. Her calm demeanor and cool confidence seem to play out well in her favor. Speculations about Jennifer Hawkins plastic surgery have always made rounds in Australia where she was born and elsewhere in the celebrity world. It is not quite easy for a celebrity of great beauty and world-wide reputation to stay a float as the storm of rumours keep lashing on Facebook and every tabloid unless that woman is Jennifer Hawkins.

Jennifer Hawkins Plastic Surgery

How Beauty and Talent Seem to Walk with Jennifer Hawkins at Every Turn:

In the celebrity world, great beauty and amazing talents have never seemed to be strange bed fellows. They always seem to bond and relate very wonderfully. In many ways, Jennifer has burst the bounds of achievement by going above and beyond the call of talent. It is not a mean feat for a young woman with average experience to win Miss Universe Australia and follow it in a space of a few months with Miss Universe 2004. The years that followed saw Jennifer increase her aesthetic appeal as she climbed higher on the ladder of success and privilege. At this point, it appears beauty and talent had reached the highest peak. Unfortunately, not everybody watching was a fan. Many others were critics and naysayers. That is how a renowned celebrity started incurring slurs and adverse remarks.

Are People Seeing too Much in the Before and After Photos?

For any seasoned blogger, the Before and After Photos of a celebrity is the first weapon of choice of slaying a flourishing reputation. Jennifer Hawkins orders have circulated on the internet many times without number. According to the grapevine, the Australian star looked very different in the past five years as compared to her current images. Many think that some extensive plastic surgery were performed around her lips, chin, and eyes. Others insist that she received a Botox treatment to enhance the appearance of her forehead. In fact, some silent noises suggest that Jennifer is slowly converting into a plastic surgery addict. In all these, Jennifer remains calm and collected. Probably, her way is the best to fend off the lashing tongues of the restless grapevine. Fortunately, there are some who support her silence, or who believe that she has all the liberty to seek any surgical idea that she may choose.

Some Consider Jennifer a Bad Example to Young Girls:

A prominent gossiper on Facebook felt justified enough to label Jennifer Hawkins a bad example to girls. According to him, she wants girls to grow in the false belief that they could ever aspire to great beauty without checking into a plastic surgeon’s theater. Some fans think that the remark was purely calculated to hurt and disorient their adorable celebrities. Jennifer did not seem bothered enough to dignify the remark with any resourceful response. Beauty moralists have often criticized celebrities in their fervor to uphold certain puritanical standards that accord with established traditions of beauty. Perhaps, every school girl sees a small angel in any celebrity. But some ardent supporters think that young girls can find role models in every direction they look without compromising on ethics and morality.