Jessica Alba Plastic Surgery

Jessica Alba Plastic Surgery

Jessica Alba Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

Jessica Alba is a dazzling actress and model. She is a screen siren and has graced both the small screen and the big screen since she was thirteen years old. Her beauty is phenomenal and breath-taking. She is drop-dead gorgeous. Her influence as a sex symbol has reverberated across the globe. She’s been voted the hottest, sexiest, and most desirable woman in the world by TV Guide, FHM,, Men’s Health, and Maxim. In 2012, People Magazine listed her as one of the most beautiful people at every age. She turned thirty-three this year. The grape vine has it that her advancing age has made her panic and seek the services of a plastic surgeon to maintain her flawless appearance.

Jessica Alba Plastic Surgery

Jessica Alba Plastic Surgery Views

Jessica Alba is not an ardent supporter of plastic surgery. Her views on plastic surgery came to the limelight when it was reported that a Chinese woman known as Xiaoqing wanted to undergo plastic surgery to look like Jessica Alba so that she could win the affections of her ex-boyfriend. Her ex-boyfriend was obsessed with Jessica Alba and had adorned the walls of their house with her posters. The couple broke up over his obsession with the star. The woman’s friends convinced her that the only way to get him back was by undergoing plastic surgery to resemble the star. Jessica Alba was distressed by the reports and condemned the intended plastic surgery. She said that there is no need for a woman to change her appearance to impress other people.

Jessica Alba Plastic Surgery Rumors

Jessica Alba began her movie and television appearances at age thirteen in The Secret World of Alex Mack in 1994. She rose to prominence when she landed the role of the lead actress in a popular television series known as “Dark Angel” at the age of 19. She has appeared in various films such as Good Luck Chuck, Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, Into the Blue, Sin City, and Honey. Her fans have witnessed a gradual change in her appearance over the years. Some attribute the changes to the transformation from a teenager to an adult. However, some celebrity watchers believe that the changes are too enhanced to be natural. They claim that she has undergone Rhinoplasty and Breast augmentation.

Jessica Alba Plastic Surgery Nose Job

It is alleged that Jessica Alba had a nose job when she was aged around twenty. There is no official confirmation of the allegations, but her “before and after’ pictures reveal noticeable changes in her nasal appearance. Her nose used to be broad from the top of the bridge all the way down to the tip. Currently, both the nose bridge and the nose tip are extremely narrow. Her nose’s contours are wider in her “before” pictures. In her “after” pictures, the shadows and contours of her nose appear to be a bit minimized. Luckily, her nose job was extremely successful as it was not overdone. Her nose blends fantastically with the rest of her facial features.

Jessica Alba Plastic Surgery Breast Implants 

Jessica Alba has vehemently denied that she has undergone breast augmentation. However, pictures speak louder than words. As they say, a picture is worth one thousand words. A comparison of her 2005 photos and her 2013 photos tell a different story. Any keen observer can notice that her bra size increased by at least one cup. It could be argued that the increase in size was as a result of breastfeeding, but the breast size normally decreases after breastfeeding. The only viable explanation for her increased breast size is that she underwent a boob job. She must have sought the services of a skilled plastic surgeon because the procedure was done in an outstanding manner. The implants are proportional to her breast size and it is very difficult to spot the difference.

It is not possible to verify the plastic surgery rumors surrounding Jessica Alba. If she has indeed undergone the plastic surgery procedures, she deserves a toast of champagne because they were conducted meticulously and professionally.