Joan Collins Plastic Surgery

Joan Collins Plastic Surgery

Joan Collins Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

Joan Collins is a timeless beauty queen. She was born Joan Henrietta Collins on 23rd May 1933. At eighty-one years old, she is still a magnificent beauty. She owes her fame to her successful career as a columnist, author, and actress. She is the elder sister of the legendary best -selling author Jackie Collins. Her striking appearance and her exceptional talent have steered her successful career in the public limelight. She has won multiple awards, accolades, and recognitions including a Golden Globe Award, a Hollywood Walk of Fame Star, and an “Order of the British Empire” honor from the queen. The fact that at the age of eighty she still looks pretty, vibrant, and vivacious has attracted plastic surgery rumors. Most people believe that plastic surgery is the secret ingredient that Joan Collins has used to age gracefully as it is impossible to do so naturally.

Joan Collins Plastic Surgery

Joan Collins Plastic Surgery Denial

Joan Collins has been on record claiming that she has never had plastic surgery because she is too surgery-phobic to go under the knife. In an interview with the Daily Telegraph, she claimed that the secret of her enduring beauty is her happiness gene. She is of the opinion that those who claim that she has had plastic surgery are plain women who are envious of her enigmatic beauty. She is adamant that she relies solely on heavy make-up to maintain her timeless beauty.

Joan Collins Plastic Surgery Rumors

How possible is it to be one of the most glamorous women in the world at the advanced age of eighty years? Joan Collins is quite a head-turner and it is not a wonder that her fifth husband who is thirty-two years younger than her is still by her side. Nobody believes her consistent denials that she has never had plastic surgery. Everybody agrees that a plastic surgery regimen is her secret anti-aging weapon. No woman over fifty can look as good as she does without cosmetic surgery. Photo-evidence points out that she has had numerous procedures such as a face lift, eyelids surgeries, a brow lift, a probable rhinoplasty and a regimen of regular Botox or Restylane injections.

Joan Collins Plastic Surgery Botox Injection

In 2012, Joan Collins admitted that she has experimented with Botox. She confessed that she tried out Botox since she had heard that it was an effective anti-wrinkle treatment. She said that she used it on her forehead, but the experience was extremely painful and traumatic for her. In an interview with Glamour magazine she claimed that her negative experience with Botox made her fear undergoing other cosmetic surgery procedures. Her denials are not convincing because her facial appearance tells a different tale. Her forehead is unnaturally stretched due to excessive Botox or Restylane injections.

Joan Collins Plastic Surgery Eye Brow Lift, Face Lift, and Nose Job

The face lift allegations are based on the fact that she does not have a single wrinkle on her face. It is probable that she has had eyelid surgeries and a brow lift because there is no sagging skin under her eyes. There are speculations that she has had a nose job because her nose looks too refined and sharp for a woman of her age. The good thing about Joan Collins plastic surgery is that she has not undergone any drastic cosmetic surgery procedures.

Joan Collins Plastic surgery is prominently evident. She can claim that she is aging naturally, but it is not possible to believe her. It is suspected that the reason Joan Collins is adamant that she has never used plastic surgery is because she is a brand ambassador of a natural anti-aging skin product. She denies undergoing plastic surgery to effectively promote the product to avoid being accused of preaching water and drinking wine. Whether or not Joan Collins has used plastic surgery, there is no denying that she has been blessed with enduring beauty. Not everybody looks extremely stunning at the age of eighty-one even with the help of plastic surgery.