Leslie Charleson Plastic Surgery

Leslie Charleson Plastic Surgery

Leslie Charleson Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

She was born on the 22nd of February 1945 in Kansa City, Missouri. The uprisings of her career are traced way back in 1964 when she played her first role in a soap opera named A Flame in the World. Although the soap opera was short lived, it helped the actress discover her talent more and introduced her to the world of acting. She went on it her acting career and landed the role of Dr. Monica in General Hospital, a role she has been playing since 1977. Aside from her rich profile, she has also suffered tremendous loss since she lost her sister Kate Charleson in 1966. Her beauty, hard work and talent have seen her soar to greater heights in her career until recently when she decided to turn to cosmetic surgery to help with aging. Unfortunately, things did not go so well for her and now her image and career have received quite a blow.

Leslie Charleson Plastic Surgery

Leslie Charleson Plastic surgery 

Rumors about her choice to get involved with plastic surgery begun as soon as she showed up with a strange looking face. Additionally, those who follow her show noticed that she was having trouble with her speech as if her dentures did not fit well. These changes were attributed to ill surgery since there is no other natural cause for this apart from illness. She has been reported to be of fine health ruling out the possibility of illness. Leslie has always been known as the beautiful woman who sticks to make up and other non surgical tricks to enhance her appearance. The only reason why the surgery rumors did not shock the world is because celebrities are expected to do a thing or two about their looks especially when they begin to age. It is the news of her over indulgence that set heads rolling, turning her into an object of both pity and ridicule.

Too Much Botox?

Since the onset of the speculations regarding her new appearance, she has decide to keep it mute leaving her fans to keep guessing the reason behind her weird face. Botox is suspected to be the main reason behind the change in her appearance given that it is the only procedure capable of freezing the facial muscles. Leslie looks unnaturally tight and frozen a major characteristic of frozen facial muscles. This is usually as a result of over indulgence with the procedure or wrong and improper administration. It is sad that actresses are forced to be conscious of their looks and even gets to the point of reversing nature. As much as cosmetic surgery has helped many actresses be where they are today, it has also been the cause of major downfall for others like Leslie Charleson’s case.

Surgery Results 

Leslie Charleson plastic surgery is a tragic occurrence that has cost her her career and pretty face. As an actress, you can easily call her untalented now since she is unable to display emotions of any kind. You cannot be sure of the emotions she wants to send across making it more difficult to understand her non verbal cues. As much as it is sad that celebrities are under constant pressure to look young and sexy always, it is extremely tragic that some of them allow this pressure to get into their heads. She is definitely a case of a botched job and the best thing for her to do is to avoid any more procedures and probably get her face fixed by an experienced surgeon. Without this, her career and will suffer even more and she will jeep receiving criticism from her fans.