Marie Louise Parker Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

mary louise parker plastic surgery

Marie Louise Plastic Surgery and New Look

Every middle aged woman in Hollywood seems to be under the microscope for traces of plastic surgery. Marie Louise is no exception, it seems like the world was waiting for her to travel to the cosmetic world and just when her face showed possible traces of cosmetic surgery, her case was brought to book. When rumors of her claimed plastic surgery circulated in celebrity gossip columns, every interested party did the inevitable. Her before and after photos were goggled from any available internet source in an effort to confirm or challenge this rumor.

mary louise parker plastic surgery

Marie Louise’s Botox Injection

As expected, there are those who believe that Marie Louise Parker plastic surgery rumors are malicious while some believe them to be true. Marie cannot be classified as a strong plastic surgery lover since her surgery accusations involve the minor of surgeries. It is rumored that she has had Botox injection to keep her young. Most of the time, the evidence of a Botox injection is gathered from the texture of the skin. Marie’s forehead is smooth and shinny characteristic of a Botox procedure.

Surgery Results

It is natural for a mother of two who is not showing any signs of aging to raise speculations. Marie has denied the surgery accusation leveled against her. Those arguing in her favor are alluding her youthful looks to proper personal care habits. It is difficult to know which habits can make a 49 year old woman look tremendously young. However, as suggestive as her face may be, it is unfortunate that this surgery claims will be treated as mere speculations until Marie chooses to admit having has the Botox injection. Until then, anyone desperate to prove these accusations is reduced to the famous before and after picture comparison.

Luckily for Marie Louise, she still looks beautiful in her before and after pictures. If this radiant look is Botox associated, she is among the few old women who know well enough not to overdo their surgeries. The surgery allegations have not had any serious effects on Marie’s carrier; her fans love and appreciate her just like before.