Michelle Pfeiffer Plastic Surgery

michelle pfeiffer plastic surgery

Michelle Pfeiffer Plastic Surgery – Before and After Picture

She was born as Michelle Marie Pfeiffer on the 29th of April 1958 in Santa Ana California. She is an American actress and singer who is known all over the world for her beauty and fame. Her first debut was in 1980 in the movie The Hollywood Knights. Her debut did not bring her as much attention as her breakthrough performance Scarface which she performed in 1980. She has risen to greater heights due to her talent but most people believe that her beauty has contributed to her success a great deal. She is a celebrity who has joined the list of Hollywood’s graceful agers. It is speculated that she has been through nips and tucks to reverse the aging process. Celebrities with stunning looks like her are often the topic for gossipers. Her ability to reverse the aging process has not attracted as much attention as her speculated nose job.


It has been speculated that the actress and singer has benefited from Botox, facial fillers and a nose job. In order for her to accentuate her appearance with her new nose, she had to work on the texture of her skin. Her skin like most of the celebrities is flawless but different from what is expected at her age. Celebrities like any other people go through the aging process and experience the usual wrinkles and lines. However, most of them do not show these sign since they have money to procure anti aging surgeries. Allegedly, the actress did not only stop at the anti aging surgeries but had her nose refined for the better. An elegant nose as per Hollywood ideal is a relatively long nose with a narrow ridge and pointed tip. Women who are not naturally blessed with this nose have the option to have an alteration procedure that will correct their faulty noses.Michelle Pfeiffer Plastic Surgery

Michelle Marie Pfeiffer  Palstic Surgeryb Truth or Speculations? 

A comparison of her before and after photos show that Michelle Pfeiffer’s nose has under gone a transformation. The truth is yet to be established as the speculations are trending unconfirmed. The celebrity has not offered any statement in regard to the buzz around her nose. While speaking to In style, she once admitted that she had nothing against cosmetic surgery and considered it a necessity in show biz. She even admitted that she had been toying with the idea of getting her nose fixed through a reduction rhinoplasty. Judging from the sudden transformation in her nose, it seems like she gave up toying and mastered the courage to get the job done. Plastic surgery is an expensive procedure that needs both courage and money. Courage because it is a gamble and the possibility of registering negative results is as high as the possibility of registering a positive result.


Michelle Pfeiffer Lip injections

She has definitely had her lips injected with either collagen or other lip fillers. This has given them a fuller look that she did not have a while back. Never the less, this has been subtly done to give the lips just the right amount of body. In fact her smile looks even better now since more of her lipstick shows contrasting well with her white teeth.

Michelle Pfeiffer Nose Job

The jury is still out on this one although evidence strongly suggests that Michelle has had a nose job. This was cunningly done and you need a keen eye to see the difference. Her nose is much thinner as compared to how it was when she first started out. This has allowed more of her beautiful eyes to pop out making her face amazing.

 Michelle Pfeiffer Face Lift

For a woman her age, you would expect to see cheeks starting to sag. Well this has not happened with the lovely Michelle Pfeiffer. If anything her cheeks now look even fuller and round. This can only explained as the work of a skilled plastic surgeon.

In addition, there is also the wrinkle free forehead which shows that she has had Botox injections. She has even been quoted as saying she does not find anything wrong with getting a little enhancement. As long as the person is comfortable with the new look they get.

Despite all the surgery she has undergone, it is clear that Michelle has not had any breast augmentation. She still has her natural breasts which are naturally good looking. This indicates why she has chosen not to have them done. It is highly unlikely that she will get breast implants in future seeing as she is already in her fifties. Overall, the cosmetic surgery has done a lot for the outspoken blonde and made her even more stunning.

Michelle Pfeiffer Surgery Results 

When a celebrity’s speculated surgery is widely talked about, it is either the result is positive or negative. Amazing result attract the same amount of praise and admiration as the criticism awarded to a negative surgery result. Michelle Pfeiffer nose has made her join the list of the most beautiful women after cosmetic surgery. Her new nose is chiseled and elegant but in a good proportion with the shape of her face and augers well with the rest of her facial features too. The surgery was worth the time and money. The much prettier Michelle has endeared her fans and her career is at a better place. The essence of plastic surgery is to give celebrities confidence in who they are. Michelle is more confident in herself thanks to the sense of accomplishment she enjoys from her fan’s admiration.

After constantly denying going under the knife, Michelle Pfeiffer plastic surgery before and after photos tell a different tale. It is no longer a secret that the star actress has some artificial help in maintaining her beauty. She is currently in her fifties but still has a flawless look that is admired by many.