Marilyn Monroe Plastic Surgery

Marilyn Monroe Plastic Surgery

Marilyn Monroe Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

When the topic of celebrity plastic surgery comes up, it is natural to assume that you will read of celebrities who are still alive. A comparison of before and after photos is one of the surest way to go. However, this is not the case for the breathtaking Marilyn Monroe. Monroe was a pretty faced celebrity of her time whose beauty and talent was undisputed. Back in her years, she was thought to be a natural beauty but speculations speak otherwise. Most of the attractive women in showbiz are followed by plastic surgery speculations since some of them appear almost flawless. When Marilyn Monroe plastic surgery speculation where in the air, most of her fans refuted these claims. Different reasons are offered as to her fans found it hard to believe but the most trending of reasons is thought to be due to the fact that plastic surgery then was not as rampant as it is now.

Marilyn Monroe Plastic Surgery

What are her Surgical Procedures? 

According to speculations trending back then, it had been claimed that Marilyn had had two surgical procedures to enhance her facial beauty. These procedures are thought to have be conducted in secrecy thus no solid evidence despite the fact that the procedures are extremely invasive. Marilyn died 51 years ago at the age of only 36. There is no doubt that she was still young and her career could have gone further. Luckily for bloggers and speculators, they finally have the chance to prove the truth behind these speculations. A patient’s medical confidentiality extends up to fifty years after which his or her medical records can be reviewed publicly. Marilyn’s medical records including notes and xray records are up for grabs. Doctors had performed an X-ray of her skull and the notes prepared reveal that she indeed had the speculated surgeries.

Marilyn before Her Death

The world is becoming more appreciative of plastic surgery and the social stigma celebrities who had had the procedure suffered from is slowly waning away. However, During Marilyn’s time, plastic surgery was considered a taboo and the stigma associated with it could greatly affect an individual’s career. This might be the reason behind the secrecy behind her procedures. It cannot be clearly established when the star had the procedures but with the evidence emerging from the x-ray of her skull, it will be easier to tell. Marilyn is what is considered in the present day a Hollywood sex symbol. Her chin is believed to be as a result of a chin flattening procedure that got rid of her relatively protruding chin. This gave her face a more oval appearance which suited her in every way. She also had her nose fixed from the relatively wide nose with wide nostrils to the elegant narrow ridged nose with small nostrils.


The concept of beauty seems to have been passed down in showbiz. The desire for the perfect facial shape and a thin elegant nose still leads most female Hollywood celebrities to embrace plastic surgery. Though Marilyn died young, her legacy outlives her and her controversial beauty is still a hot topic for discussion. She is not entirely to blame for hiding the secret. There is a huge possibility that her desire for success could have been jeopardized by news about her plastic surgery. Even now, some celebrity still find it difficult to openly confirm plastic surgery allegations leveled against them despite the fact that there is little stigma attached to plastic surgery. Marilyn found herself amazing surgeon’s considering that those years were clouded by botched jobs. She managed to accentuate her looks without gibing herself away.