Mary Steenburgen Plastic Surgery

Mary Steenburgen Plastic Surgery

Mary Steenburgen Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

Mary Steenburgen’s beauty is not debatable. Her ever glowing skin and pretty smile has caught the eyes of many including celebrity gossip columnists who have wanted to desperately find out why this amazing woman remains young. Some celebrities eat and drink plastic surgery; this makes it easy to pin them down whenever they have a procedure performed on them. It also becomes easy for fans to believe in these speculations. However, a celebrity like Mary who has not been touched by the surgeon’s knife all through her career will most definitely cause controversies whenever speculations arise. She is among the handful of Hollywood celebrities who have stayed of fake beauty and chose to flaunt what God gave them naturally. You would think that after this natural lifestyle, speculators will be off her case but you are wrong, the plastic surgery microscopes had narrowed in on the star long ago waiting for her to finally succumb to this seemingly irresistible look accentuating procedure.

Mary Steenburgen Plastic Surgery

Her Only Cosmetic Surgery 

Like the good natural girl she has always been, Mary is rumored to have engaged in only one surgical procedure. Botox injection is thought to be the only one of Mary Steenburgen plastic surgery. At the age of 61, she has somehow managed to look young and extremely attractive. Her face does not show any wrinkles. Her skin is smooth and shinny like that of a youth. In fact, it is claimed that she looks almost exactly like what she looked ten years ago. Most speculators agree that she could not have miraculous turned younger held onto her youthful looks. However, those in her defense argue that she might be the healthy living type of woman since she has never had any of surgeries. There is also the possibility of her use of anti aging cream to lessen the toil of time on her face. Makeup techniques when properly applied can also camouflage some of the telltale signs of old age. Despite this, the speculations continue to fly around especially when Mary has remained tight lipped over them. Silence is usually taken for consent.

Surgery Results 

Like most surgical procedures, Botox has always been called the double ended sword that cuts both ways especially when not used in moderation. Over use will remove wrinkles all the same but it will take away the entire natural from the users face. Luckily for Mary, her indulgence with Botox is in moderation. Botox is rarely used once but after a stipulated period of time. One injection smoothens out wrinkles only for a limited period of time. This explains why some celebrities over use Botox since they are tempted to inject themselves over and over again even when the first injection is still in their blood streams.

What Do Critics Have to Say? 

Most critics are impressed with Mary’s use of Botox. She has been commended for the discipline in her use of Botox. She looks prettier no doubt about that. The Botox has not only taken way the wrinkles but given her a sooth facial skin that accentuates her beauty further. When you compare her before and after photo, you will by no doubt agree with what the critics. Mary has not only held onto her youthful looks but her Botox glow suits all her facial features. She is among the few celebrities who were lucky with their procedures. Her choice of this form of non invasive surgery also shows that she is one woman who does not want to interfere with any of her God given facial features. Mary Steenburgen plastic surgery was a great success and the Hollywood star deserves all the praise she gets.