Melissa Rivers Plastic Surgery

Melissa Rivers Plastic Surgery

Melissa Rivers Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

Melissa was born as Melissa Warburg Rosenburg on the 20th of January 1968 in Manhattan to Joan Molinskyt and Edgar Rosenburg. Her mother adopted rivers as a sage name, a name which Melissa later borrowed. She is an actress, television host and a producer. She began her showbiz career as an intern in CBS news at Los Angeles office after her graduation. Her acting career begun a little bit later and she grew to become successful seeing herself featured in a number of movies and television series including the widely watched Beverly hills drama 90210. She married John Endicott in 1988 and they had a son Edgar but the marriage came to an end in 2003 when the couple divorced. She is another celebrity who has been followed by plastic surgery speculations. Allegedly, she had benefited from a few nips and tucks to make her what she is now. Unlike her mom, her relationship with surgery has been to moderation.

Melissa Rivers Plastic Surgery

Melissa Speaks About Her Teenage Surgeries 

The speculations about Melissa’s surgeries have been on for a very long time. But unlike most celebrities who deny even the most obvious surgeries, she has confirmed the rumors and told the world that she had two surgeries in her younger years. These included a breast augmentation procedure and rhinoplasty. Breast augmentation is the first choice among many teenagers longing to have a sexy body. Luckily for her, this procedure went well and she now has a sexy pair of assets to flaunt. However, she was not so lucky with her first rhinoplasty procedure and went for a second which gave her the fairly pinched nose that sits on her face. These procedures improved her general appearance a great deal. She shared that she and her mom have suffered from self esteem issues for a very long time and plastic surgery came as a solution to the problems they were facing. This should explain her mom’s addiction to surgery.

Botox Claims 

At the age of 46, she looks ten years younger all thanks to Botox. While speaking to people’s magazine, she admitted that she uses the injection once a year and even went ahead to claim that nearly all celebrities use this product. At least she goes a step further to prove what you already suspect: most Hollywood celebrities are no longer natural. She explains how surgery has helped her look better. She also admits that it is no fun being on the receiving end of things. She has been the object of mean remarks with some people calling her ugly and horse face. It is admirable that she has gotten over all this and established the reputation she enjoys now. However, she is more afraid of being called fat than being called ugly. This was her response once she was asked about how she felt regarding the mean remarks directed towards her.

Surgery Results 

Melissa Rivers plastic surgery is one that sheds light on the positive side of cosmetic procedures. Through enhancing her looks, the woman is more confident in who she is, confidence is a key to success in Hollywood. Plastic surgery is a self esteem booster. She has been able to overcome her self esteem and body issues and so has her mom. Luckily, she has insinuated that she is not the type to overdo her procedures. She has openly spoken about her hate for her mom’s addiction to these procedures stating that they will turn on her someday. Although her mom has proven not to be the listening type, Melissa seems to have learnt well from fellow celebrities who have seen the other side of surgery.