Mircea Monroe Plastic Surgery

Mircea Monroe Plastic Surgery

Mircea Monroe Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

Mircea Monroe is a gorgeous actress who has guest starred on many TV shows, including Songs of Anarchy, Supernatural, and Rules of Engagement. She has starred as a main character in shows as well, such as the new Episodes and Hart of Dixie. Monroe is not quite famous enough yet to hit the big screen as a main character in any A-list movie yet, but she has been featured in Magic Mike, Tekken, No Man’s Land, and many more famous movies.

Mircea Monroe Plastic Surgery

About Mircea Monroe

Before getting into Monroe’s deep personal life, and whether Mircea Monroe’s plastic surgery actually happened or not, it’s always polite to get to know her a little first. Monroe was born in the big city of St. Louis, Missouri, because her father worked for the United Nations located there. Straight out of high school, Monroe left for LA to start immediately working on her acting career. After finally getting her first film in 2004, no matter how small it was, she took off, skyrocketing from there. Now, there are even rumors that Mircea is becoming a regular TV staple.

Mircea Monroe’s Possible Surgery

There is much talk as to whether or not Monroe really has had plastic surgery like some of her TV personas may imply. She’s simply beautiful, with a body that is not quite proportional to the realistic standards of today. For example, she is 5 feet 4″ inches (164 cm), but her body measurements are 36 inches, 25 inches, 36 inches (by breast, waist, and hips, respectively). With a 36C cup size it’s no wonder that there is questioning as to whether or not she’s had breast augmentation, or a boob job, to put it in layman’s terms.

Plastic Surgery – True or False?

All sources indicate that Mircea Monroe has never had plastic surgery, however. At only a very tiny 112 pounds, or 51 kg, Monroe has earned everything she has by working on it herself. Exercising regularly and eating right on a strict diet has caused her to have to perfectly toned body with all the right curves. Unfair to some, but in reality, everyone knows that Monroe deserves it.

Fun Gossip

There is some juicy gossip when it comes to Mircea Monroe, though. As of August 2014, Monroe will be labeled as the Sexiest Actress Alive in Glamour’s magazine, not just as a first-time award but for the second year in a row. She’s beaten equally beautiful women to the number one spot not once, but twice. There’s no telling what next year may hold for her, possibly putting her in number one for the third year in a row and really putting her on the charts and radar.

Other News

Another tidbit about Monroe – she might be engaged! According to multiple sources, Mircea Monroe and Stephen Martines, her boyfriend, were seen shopping for wedding rings recently. Being thirty one year olds harsher critics have claimed that she is getting too old to not be married now, and that she’s getting to the point where children are more important than looks and fame. It is perhaps these same critics who are putting the heat on Monroe to get married so quickly.


Mircea Monroe has not had plastic surgery, though her body may spike rumors that she has. She is beautiful, thin, and a role model to girls everywhere of how they can follow their dreams and aspirations and actually become successful. Proving to the world that anyone can rise to fame if they try hard enough, no matter what degree in life they have or what age they are, Monroe is a great leader in the acting community. Acting for thirteen years now since she first started straight out of high school, she has been building her acting career for a while and there’s no doubt that she will continue to build it for many more years to come.