Nancy Pelosi Plastic Surgery

Nancy Pelosi Plastic Surgery

Nancy Pelosi Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

Nancy Pelosi was born as Nancy Patricia D’Alesandro in Baltimore Maryland on the 26th of March 1940. Judging from her birth date, she is a veteran politician who has a profile to match her status. She belongs to the Democratic Party and is the minority leader of the United States House of Representatives. The representative of California 12th congressional district is the first and only woman to be the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives. She was the 60th person to hold this position. Her political prowess is known all over American and she has earned enough respect for it. However, her name is now carried with cosmetic surgery allegations. Allegedly, she is speculated to have benefited from the surgeon’s knife.

Nancy Pelosi Plastic Surgery

Truth or Speculations? 

When cosmetic surgery was invented, celebrities were the targets since they were and still are considered as the most looks conscious people on this planet. With politicians joining the list of people who have benefited from these procedures, it is clear that looks go a long way when it comes to facing the public. Nancy seems to be in agreement with this fact as evidenced by her transformations. She is aging gradually and in fact has managed to reverse some of the aging signs that had already formed on different parts of her face and neck. She is aware of the fact that her looks will determine the public’s attitude towards her since she has proved that she is not yet willing to let go of her career.

What Are Her Surgeries?

At the age of 74, the veteran politician could pass for a fifty year old. Undoubtedly, a number of procedures are at work since this age comes with the accumulation of many signs of old age ranging from wrinkles, turkey neck, sagging skin, crow feet and laugh lines among many others. It takes more than one procedure to reverse all these processes and rejuvenate the skin to look as new as Nancy’s face is. Allegedly, she has benefited from a facelift, Botox, Eyelid surgery, neck lift and facial fillers. Despite her silence over the trending speculations, she is a hot topic among critics who attempt to give a professional view over her case.

What Critics Have To Say? 

Different critics have looked into her case and have come up with the possible surgeries behind her rejuvenated facial skin. According to Dr. Young, it is impossible for a woman in her seventies to look as young as Nancy without the help of sophisticated surgical procedures. He suggests that she has benefited from a good amount of facelifts, Botox and eyelid surgery. On the other hand, Dr. Cohen jokingly claims that politicians have discovered the wonders of Botox on aging skin and it seems like his discovery has led to the invention of a Botox after party. He adds that aside from the surgeries mentioned by Dr. Youn, she has also benefited from a neck lift. Neck lifts and facelifts are often combined to ensure consistency is maintained between the facial and neck skin.

Surgery Results 

All the fuss about Nancy Pelosi plastic surgery is a clear indication that the results were outstanding. Through her moderate indulgence with these procedures, she has managed to transform herself into her image in vibrant years. As years go by, she will need more similar surgeries to deal with the sagging skin that will keep recurring. If she is still interested in clinging onto her political career, more surgeries will become inevitable and she should indulge in them as moderately as she has done now. She is one of the most adorable mommy makeovers.