Octomom Plastic Surgery

Octomom Plastic Surgery

Octomom Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

Nadya Denise Doud-Suleman was born as Natalie Denise Suleman on the 11th of July 1975. She was a common American house wife until she gave birth of octoplets on January 2009. She went on the world record as the second mom to give birth to surviving octoplets. After a week of survival of her eight infants, it became clear that she was second after the Chukwu octoplets. However, the public admiration turned to something else when it was established that she had six other children and that she had no job and was dependent on public aid. She denied the public aid accusations but later agreed to them on a live interview. After this, she decide to do something useful wither life and turned to adult entertainment. She released her own sex video which gave birth to controversies and later decided to perform as a dancer in bars. In the midst of her struggling to make a living, one thing did not escape the keen eyes of speculators: Octomom’s quick recovery.

Octomom Plastic Surgery

What Are Her Surgeries?

Allegedly, she has benefited from a number of cosmetic procedures to transform herself into the celebrity she has become. Giving birth to eight children is certainly no joke and her quick recovery is not natural either. Allegedly, she has not only consulted surgery to deal with the aftermath of pregnancy but also to work on her appearance in order to fit into the ideals of her profession. As a professional dancer looks matter a lot and her efforts should be appreciated. It is speculated that she has had a nose job, liposuction and Botox injections. The dancing profession is no place for the old. Old looking dancers are replaced by young and vibrant people. Cosmetic surgery helps the old reverse the aging process and enjoys their careers at the same time.

Botox and Rhinoplasty

Octomom realized that in order for her to earn a huge following, she needed to work on her appearance. It is speculated that she had her face made up the Hollywood way. A reduction rhinoplasty to chisel out her relatively wide nose with wide nostrils to a thin and narrow ridged nose was first decision as a Hollywood mommy. At the age of 39, she cannot be classified as a youngster and it is expected that the aging process should have already set in by now. However, just like a typical celebrity, she is no yet willing to succumb. Her wrinkle free face s thought to be as a result of indulgence in Botox. F you look at her photos trending on social media sites, you will notice that the mom of fourteen does not give away her age at a glance.


The liposuction speculations are based on the fact that the actress is free of excess fat deposits characteristic of giving birth. While it is natural for women to lose these fats as time goes by, it is the suddenness of Octomom’s recovery that is the bone of contention. This quick fix solution to tummy fat is associated with a liposuction procedure. the sensational dancer has denied a the allegations leveled against her and claims that she has not had any facial surgery and for the quick recovery issues, she has said that she has been on a diet and regular exercise which has seen her loose all her belly fat in an instant. Octomom plastic surgery speculations have made her more famous than her miraculous birth of eight. She is now more financially stable thanks to all the media attention. Her indulgence with cosmetic surgery is also moderate which is a good thing for her image.