Rose McGowan Face

Rose Mcgowan Face

Rose McGowan Face – Before and After Pictures

Rose Arianna Mcgowan was born on the 5th of September 1973 in Florence Italy. She is an actress and singer who has taken Hollywood by storm. She is famous after playing the role of Page Mathews in the widely watched supernatural television series Charmed. Aside from her acting career, she has played other roles in showbiz including a guest programmer and a co host of The Essentials in 2008. She has also been a cover model for the Henry Manchini tribute album. After the release of her film debut in 1992, she has earned herself the right place in the competitive Hollywood world. The striking celebrity has been the topic of media discussions of late. Her changing face has given birth to cosmetic surgery speculations. Most celebrities have accentuated their looks due to the pressure they face in the industry. It is unfair to try to compete with people who use plastic surgery since they will appear flawless all the time.

Rose Mcgowan Face

How Much Surgery? 

The changes in her face have been associated with many surgeries. However, the actress has only admitted to having had one procedure. According to her, she had an accident and her glasses cut and bruised her near her eyes. Naturally, as a celebrity, her looks matter and she could not afford walking around in a scar. This led her to have a surgery to conceal the scar. However, this is not enough for speculators. According to them, there is more to what she is leading the world to believe. It is claimed that some of her features have been transformed and she also seems to be reversing the aging process a thing that is associated with other surgeries. Her confirmation of one procedure is taken as the usual deny code celebrities have adapted.

What Are Her Other Surgeries? 

There are many changes that can be observed upon the transformation of the celebrity’s before and after photos. However, other explanations can also apply in regards to these changes. It has been argued that a comparison of these photos is subjective since these changes can be explained by other means like elements of a picture. Lighting and background. When altered, these elements can give different impressions of the same person. Hairstyle and different makeup application skills can also give the impression of facial transformation. Still, there are some changes that are difficult to miss and Rose seems to exhibit these changes. At the age of 41, her face is free of wrinkles and does not show any other signs of aging; instead, she has a tight facial skin to boost of. She is speculated to have benefited from a face lift a much loved skin rejuvenating procedure. It is also speculated that she has had an eyelid surgery and breasts implants. All these surgeries are speculations the actress has denied.

Dr. Jennifer Walden on Rose Mcgowan Face

The accredited surgeon who has not treated the actress claims that Rose has benefited from surgical procedure. She says that the actress how the sign of the use of facial filler, face lift and Lip injection. According to the doctor, her smooth face is unnatural for a woman of her age. The lack of wrinkles is a confirmation of a facelift procedure. Her full and sensuous lips also suggest the use of fillers. She also observes that her face looks different due the change in the shape and size of her nose. Her professional view adds weight to the allegations leveled against the pretty faced actress but this does not make them true. Until she openly confirms these allegations, they will keep trending unconfirmed.