Steven Tyler Plastic Surgery

Steven Tyler Plastic Surgery

Steven Tyler Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

He was born as Steven Victor Tallarico on the 26th of March 1948 in Yonkers New York. He is a multi talented artist who has taken up the roles of acting, multi – instrument performer and judge in American idol show. He is famous for being the passionate judge of the American Idol Show. His role as the front man in the rock band Aerosmith has gotten him more famous than any other of his roles in show biz. He is referred to as the scream devil basing on his ability to sing in a sharp and shrill voice. At the age of 66, the singing sensation is no longer known for his shrill voice and stage theatrics but for his dramatic transformation. His face has changed so much that you can barely recognize him. But if you are thinking that this change is related to aging you are entirely wrong, the star has managed to reverse the aging process but not without repercussions.

Steven Tyler Plastic Surgery

What Are His Surgeries? 

A comparison of his before and after photo evidence a man who has lost his natural good looks to over indulgence in cosmetic surgery. Most of his fans admit that they prefer him in wrinkles than in his botched jobs. You cannot help but sympathize with the celebrity given that no one dreams of having a botched job and the probability of getting such results is equal to the one of getting positive results. However, some critics blame his botched job on him given that the star celebrity seems to have over indulged in the said procedures. A look at his face is enough to tell that he has benefited from Botox injection, facelift and a possible Nose Job. Despite his objective choice, he surely went over the roof.

Facelift and Botox Injections 

At the age of 66, Steven Tyler still boasts of a young and refreshed facial skin. His face is rid of wrinkles and his skin is smooth and shinny. However, this is all the star is allowed to celebrate since he does not have a natural appearance to boast of. Due to a possible over indulgence in Botox, his face appears frozen and unnatural. This is also another effect of a facelift procedure give that both procedures affect facial muscles and wrong administration will impend muscle movement. Botox injections are adored by celebrities for their non invasive nature and how they are a quick fix solution to wrinkles. However, for those celebrities who suffer from the negative side of this procedure, the story they tell is entirely different. It is not a surprise that many celebrities are prawn to over indulge in Botox in the hope for looking many years younger than their original age.

What Does Steven Have To Say? 

The sensational musician has admitted his indulgence with Botox and even went ahead to explain how he loves what Botox does for his skin. He has been accused of getting carried away with the results and in the hope for perfection ended up destroying his once handsome face. He is not the first celebrity to destroy his face with this procedure and seeking corrective measures on time might save him rather than a continued use of the procedure. The essence of cosmetic surgery is to fix flaws that cannot be fixed naturally in an instant and give a person a high sense of self esteem. However, when the same procedure becomes the source of low self esteem that result s from ridicule and criticism of appearance, the whole concept of surgery loses meaning. Surely, Hollywood has seen better surgeries than Steven Tyler plastic surgery.