Tameka Cottle Plastic Surgery

Tameka Cottle Plastic Surgery

Tameka Cottle Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

She was born on the 14th of July 1975 in College Park Georgia. She is a renowned singer and song writer with a Grammy award to her name. She received the award after her contribution in composing the song No Scrubs. Her talent has seen her rise to fame as a member of the Multi-platinum r&b female group in America and all over the world. The musician and song writer is also famous for her small frame and her relatively shortness, she measures at 4”11”. However, she has been recently associated with transformations linked to cosmetic surgery.

Tameka Cottle Plastic Surgery

What Are Her Surgeries? 

Tameka Cottle plastic surgery include a breast implant, butt implant, lip implant and Botox injections. These procedures are gathered from the difference in the respective areas of the body. At the age of 39, there are some body changes which are considered unnatural. A comparison of her before and after photos show that the star singer has indeed turned from the innocent faced celebrity to one who is struggling to become a Hollywood sex symbol. It is vital to note that the changes associated with the star cannot be explained otherwise given that they occurred all of a sudden and in peculiar areas of the body.

Botox and Lip Implants 

The 39 year old is much younger than women of her age an attribute attested to the use of Botox procedures. With proper administration, Botox is a quick fix solution to wrinkles and sagging facial skin adored by most celebrities. On the other hand, it is also thought that she has had her lips filled with dermal injections. In her after photos, it is evident that her lips are more sensuous and fuller. This change is attested to either juverderm or restylene fillers.

Breast and Butt implants 

To attain the full figure of a Hollywood sex symbol, it is speculated that the musician had her butt and breasts enhanced. It is speculated that she had the breast implants first and followed them with the butt implants to match the size of her breasts. Breast implants are considered the number one procedure for women in Hollywood since the procedure helps women accentuate their curves. With the right proportion and firmness, boobs are a good asset for ensuring a woman looks her hottest. The sudden transformation from the petite Tameka to the curvy one in the recent years is all attributed to these procedures. Allegedly, the implants have transformed her boobs to a stunning C cups giving her the boob and feminine curve every woman yearns to have.

Surgery Results 

Unfortunately for her, her surgeries did not bear the expected results. She is famous for them but in the wrong way since she has been the subject of ridicule and criticism in a number of social sites. Plastic surgery has always been equated to a gamble. Seems like she lost her gamble because despite her objective choice of surgeries, the musician has been transformed for the worst. Her looks have been distorted with the unnatural appearance that is as a result of the surgeries. It is speculated that she may have over indulged in Botox and lip fillers. Botox is notorious for distorting appearances especially if administered by an inexperienced doctor or in the case of an over indulgence. Since the celebrity has remained tight lipped over the ongoing speculations, it is difficult to know what really happened in her case. It would be wise if she stays of the surgeries and hold on to the little natural left in her. If she is lucky enough, she can turn this cosmetic surgery earned popularity into something to celebrate by taking advantage of it to further her career.