Olivia Wilde Plastic Surgery

Olivia Wilde Plastic Surgery

Olivia Wilde Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

Olivia Wilde was wonderfully and gorgeously created. She was born Olivia Jane Cockburn on 10th March 1984. She adopted the stage name Wilde from the famous Irish author Oscar Wilde to celebrate her Irish heritage. She is a model, director, producer, actress, and screenwriter. Fans know her from her riveting roles in phenomenal films such as Conservations with Other Women, Alpha Dog, and the Girl Next Door. She is also known for her outstanding performance as Alex Kelly in the hit television show “The O.C.”. Olivia Wilde’s beauty and outgoing personality have catapulted her fame to unimaginable heights. Her alluring looks have attracted claims that she has undergone plastic surgery. Verifying whether or not she had plastic surgery is a mountainous task because there is a high possibility that her looks are natural as she is only thirty years old.

Olivia Wilde Plastic Surgery

Olivia Wilde Plastic Surgery Condemnation

Olivia Wilde is on record condemning plastic surgery in several magazine interviews and television shows. The brunette claimed on Good Morning America that too many young women ruin their faces by going under the knife. In an article in Glamor magazine, she wrote that plastic surgery grosses her out because it turns beautiful young women into creepy Barbie-like aliens. She vowed that she would never resort to plastic surgery to enhance her looks.

Olivia Wilde Plastic Surgery Rumors

In spite of her staunch stance against plastic surgery, rumors that she has undergone cosmetic procedures are numerous. Celebrity watchers opine that she has undergone Rhinoplasty, a boob job, lip augmentation, and Botox injections.

Olivia Wilde Plastic Surgery Nose Job

It is alleged that Olivia Wilde underwent a rhinoplasty back when she was starting out in her career. The starlet’s before and after pictures clearly show that her nose has undergone a noticeable change. It has evolved from a broad unrefined nose into a narrow slim nose with a sophisticated nose tip. In her previous pictures, her nose seemed odd as it did not fit in with the rest of her face. In her current pictures, her nose is perfectly in line with the rest of facial features.

Olivia Wilde Plastic Surgery Boob Job

The grapevine has it that Olive Wilde has had a breast augmentation procedure in the form of breast implants in the past two or three years. Celebrity watchers have reached the conclusion that she has had a breast cosmetic intervention after comparing her pictures when she was new in the business with her current pictures. There are extreme changes in the size of her breasts which suggest that her bra size has increased from an A cup to a C cup. There are those who have defended her and claimed that her perky breasts are the outcome of exercising or push-up bras. The majority refute that opinion since her breast size has increased quite rapidly over a short period of time.

Olivia Wilde Plastic Surgery Lip Augmentation

In her “before” pictures, her lips are plain and ordinary. In her “after” pictures, her lips are fuller and more distinguished. It is possible that she received some filler injections on the upper and lower edges of her mouth to augment her lips.

Olivia Wilde Plastic Surgery Botox Injections

Botox injections rumors have been generated by those who believe that her face is too perfect for a thirty-year old woman. It is claimed that she has received several Botox injection to prevent blemishes, spots, and wrinkles from appearing on her face. The Botox allegations might be far-fetched since it is possible for a thirty-year old woman to have a natural wrinkle-free face.

Olivia Wilde is one of the prettiest women in Hollywood. Everything she does generates a lot of buzz in the media and receives massive public attention. Most people accuse her of being a hypocrite because of her vehement condemnation of plastic surgery, yet it is obvious that she has undergone cosmetic surgery intervention. It is widely believed that her condemnation of plastic surgery is a publicity stunt to keep people talking about her.