Paul Stanley Plastic Surgery

Paul Stanley Plastic Surgery

Paul Stanley Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

He was born as Stanley Bert Eisen on the 20th of January 1952 in Upper Manhattan. He is a renowned rock guitarist, musician, songwriter and a painter. Most of the time, his face is hidden behind the mask making him less visible to the naked eye. However, this does not mean the world does not know what goes on behind that mask. He is a man with a serious looking face often termed to as the furious face. His talent at singing has placed him on the 18th position on Hit Parader’s top 100 metal vocalists. He was also ranked number 13 on the Gibson. Com readers poll list of top 25 front men. He is famous as the Rhythm guitarist, Front man and co-lead vocalist of Kiss rock band. When his looks started changing, most of his fans were surprised since it was very unexpected especially when his face assumed a feminine appearance.

Paul Stanley Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery or Mere Speculation?

A lot has changed in his face; the changes cannot be alluded to growth or any other reason apart from cosmetic surgery. He has lost his entire teenage look and not in the usual manner that characterizes growth and aging, his features have grown more feminine. However, you should not assume that he wants to change his sexuality; all he was trying to do was to fight aging but ended up with the face of a woman. Nobody except him and his surgeon know what went wrong with his surgery but it seems like you are reduced t guessing since he has remained silent over the circulating rumors. His changing looks have been associated with a number of facial surgeries most of which are thought to have gone wrong. Luckily, he has managed to take a few years off his face despite the weird turn of events.

Facelift and Brow Lift 

Face and brow lifts are the two of Paul Stanley plastic surgery which have given him a feminine look. The manner in which these procedures were performed had an effect on his face and turned most of his features feminine. The sole purpose of a facelift is to remove wrinkles and laugh lines from the face. However, his facelift was done in a manner that elevated his for head too much. The brow lift procedure did not make things nay better. Instead of tightening the skin around the brow area, the surgeon gave him an arched brow, a style fancied by women. With his long hair, he looks like a woman. He has refused to comment on these rumors making it difficult to establish what he feels about his new looks. Unless he wanted to look like a woman, there is little doubt that he is happy with the surgery results.

Rhinoplasty and lip Surgery 

The rhinoplasty claims are based on the fact that his nose which was relatively wide before is extremely narrow suggesting that he has undergone a reduction rhinoplasty . These procedures went well in comparison to the face and brow lift. It is also rumored that his lips are no longer the same since they are fuller and rounder suggesting the use of lip fillers. With his full lips and feminine brow, he is the complete image of a woman. The only thing Paul Stanley has to worry about is a feminine appearance; old age has taken a back seat among his problems. Although he has remained quite over the trending rumors, there is little doubt that this is a disturbing factor to the celebrity considering how much his fans detest his new looks.