Patti Stanger Plastic Surgery

Patti Stanger Plastic Surgery

Patti Stanger Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

As the world is getting more appreciative of plastic surgery, people are learning to appreciate what it has done for some stars. Patti Stanger plastic surgery is a welcome idea for many critics since it is believed that the star has been transformed to a much better looking woman than she was before. Patti Stanger plastic surgery speculations began flying in the air as soon as the Stanger changed for the better. Her complete makeover was not only witnessed in terms of looks but also in her general feminine curve. At the age of 53, she is among the hottest looking women in Hollywood. She is a television personality famously known as the “Millionaire Matchmaker”. Her plastic surgery speculations have thrilled her fans since everything seems right and better for her now. She definitely qualifies to be on top of Hollywood’s most successful surgeries list. All her surgeries accentuated her beauty in a way no one ever imagined.

Patti Stanger Plastic Surgery

What Surgeries Has She Had? 

She is speculated to having had a total of three surgeries. A facelift, eye lift and a breast augmentation procedure. At the age of 53, it is natural for a woman to age and experience a tremendous increase in weight that results from the slow rate of metabolism and high rate of fat disposition. Additionally, wrinkles, aging skin and eye bags are all part of this aging process. Thanks to plastic surgery, Patti Stanger has been able to reverse the aging process and maintain an attractive and refreshed look. Through the breast augmentation procedure, she has had her curves maintained in their rightful places. She appears more confident since herself image has been improved for the better. There is no doubt that she is among the few celebrities who will never regret their choice to go for a surgical procedure.

What Does She Have to Say About her Surgeries? 

Patti Stanger is one happy woman and her happiness is justifiable. She is enjoying a high sense of self confidence. She is not ashamed of telling the world that she has also benefited a great deal from plastic surgery. She has confirmed all the plastic surgery speculations and added that she has also used exercise as a means of reversing the aging process. She could barely hide her excitement while talking to Life and Style. She went on how feeling skinny makes her feel light and happy. She claims that she finds it easier to mingle with younger women without feeling out of place. She probably gave speculators another reason to look into all television personalities when she claimed that it is impossible to survive in the television industry without plastic surgery. “Those who deny allegations are lying since you need to have one procedure or another to look camera perfect”. She also admitted to having lost a whole 20 pounds due to sticking to a low calorie diet. Seems like Patti has gone all out of her way to reverse the aging process and everything seems to be working well for her.

What Do Critics Have to Say? 

Most speculators are happy about Patti Stanger plastic surgery results. Her decision to come out in the open has also been an added bonus to her image and personality. With her new image and heightened sense of self confidence, her career will experience and uptick. Plastic surgery is good when it enables celebrities achieve their personal and career aspirations. In this case, Patti Stanger ahs overcome her low self esteem issues that were as a result of lack of confidence in her appearance. In case of future surgeries, pretty Pattie should apply these procedures with the same moderation as that of now.