Renee Zellweger Plastic Surgery

Renne Zellweger Plastic Surgery

Renee Zellweger Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

Renee Zellweger is one sexy Hollywood actress who has earned herself fame and respect among her fans. She is accomplished career wise and has won herself 3 golden globe awards. She has been trending on social media sited for one thing or another but its seems like it is time for speculators to look into her facial features. At her age, she has managed to charm many with her fresh and radiant looks. It is speculated that she too has consulted plastic surgery to reverse the aging process. It has become usual for celebrities to consult the services of a cosmetic surgeon whenever one or two features go a miss. The social stigma placed on plastic surgery is no longer applicable in this century and celebrities are finding it easier to update their appearances. Pretty faced Renee Zellweger is thought to be a shining star in the industry and her decision to consult cosmetic makeover was welcomed by most of her fans.


What are Renee Zellweger Plastic Surgeries? 

In her younger acting days, she was never speculated to having had any procedures. This shows just how much she appreciated herself. However, as she is aging, it has been noted that she is aging gracefully a thing thought to be as a result of using skin rejuvenating procedures. These procedures rejuvenate the skin by dealing with wrinkles, crowfeet and sags that are characteristic of old age. If you take a good look at Renee’s after photos, you will notice that her facial skin glows. She is still the charmer she has always been and her fans adore her for this fact. The most amazing part of her speculated procedures lie in the fact that they seem to have been carried out in moderation. She has managed to fight wrinkles and maintain the natural in her at the same time.

What Critics Have To Say 

It is natural that the much respected woman will attract the attention of plastic surgery experts. Her case has been reviewed by accredited critics most of who believe that she has had some works done on her face. According to Dr. Brian Glat, it is possible that the sexy celebrity has had a chin augmentation procedure. In her before photos, she could be seen with a double chin that was thought to be as a result of weight gain. However, in her recent photos, the chin seems to have disappeared. She has also lost some weight and this might be the reason behind her the disappearance of the double chin. However, the doctor explains that her chin appears elongated and this can only be achieved through a chin surgery. Other critics claim that she has also use Botox, chemical peels and laser skin treatments to eliminate wrinkles and sagging cheeks.

2014 Update

Renee Zellweger caused a huge stir at the Elle Women in Hollywood Awards in Los Angeles, looking nothing like she used to be and far different from the “Bridget Jones” we used to adore and not because of any weight loss issues. the star simply looks like a different person. It’s obviouse she had a crazy plastic makeover and a lot of work done on her including: Botox, brow lift, face fillers and eye surgery.

Some critics say she lost her charm and her unique signature look, while other disagree and say she is still looks amazing, even if her face did change a bit. Renee released a statement to media saying all the gossip and criticism about her looks is absolutely silly and that the change in her look is the result of living her best life.

Surgery Results 

Renee is a charmer and her fans thank the stars that she used the procedures in moderation. She is still the same beautiful actress she was almost ten years ago. The skin rejuvenation procedures have taken years off her face and she has also maintained most of her natural appearances. Renee Zellweger plastic surgery speculations are not yet confirmed by the celebrity. However, you should also consider that as an aging woman, she is bound to lose volumes of fats from her face and this may alter the shape and size of her face. If the chi implant speculations are true, the surgery was carried out to precision as the new facial shape has emphasized most of her facial features forcing them to pop out. She is definitely a case of successful plastic surgery.